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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tri Training Tuesday

I have less than eleven weeks until the dreaded triathlon.  Excuse me while I have a minor panic attack.  What have I gotten myself into?  Let's face it, I have some major training to do.  I haven't worked out in over a year.  And, I'm proud to say that I'm not using the "but I just had a child" excuse any longer.  Yes, it's time for me to get my butt of the couch and into the pool, onto a bike & into my running shoes.  

My friend Carly found this great triathlon training program for NEWBIES!   After looking at it, it looks completely DO-ABLE!  When I first signed up, I had the "I'm not going to train" attitude, but after a weekend of thinking about it, I do want to train (well, sort-of).  I don't want it to take me 8 hours to finish and I don't really want to die :)  So, I will be training {or at-least semi-training} as time allows.  I hope to get out on the pavement at least 3-4 times a week until race day.  

I'm not gonna lie, I already have butterflies in my belly just thinking about the race, but I'm actually really excited!  This is something I've wanted to do for years...if nothing else, I'll make it a "fun" race & if I do well, even better.  Plus it will be something to cross off my 52 things in 52 weeks list!  

My "tri-training goal" for tonight: get on the bike and ride 4 miles {without complaining....or crying}.  Wish me luck!

Let the training begin!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend Wrap-Up

I love, love, love long Holiday weekends!  However, they go by far too fast.  I can't believe our three day weekend is already over :(  We had a good weekend, though.  

Friday night we didn't do much.  Played with Dafney, watched a little TV & relaxed.  It was a great start to the looooong weekend!  

Saturday morning we ventured out to Target to do some grocery shopping.  When we left, the weather was decent, when we came back, it was POURING.  We were soaked, the groceries were soaked and the car got a nice free car wash :)  Nothing like trying to bring groceries in during a down pour.  Normally I would have left them in the car until the rain stopped, but we were having friends over for lunch and I needed some items to make a dessert.  

Our friends from out-of-town came over to for lunch and to catch-up.  It was so fun to see them and hear their exciting ENGAGEMENT news!  We actually knew they were engaged, but it was fun to hear the story {I'm such a sucker for sappy, engagement stories} & congratulate them in person.  

Saturday night we didn't do much.  Dafney hadn't been feeling well.  She was having some tummy troubles {if you get my drift}.  I think every diaper we changed the whole weekend was "dirty".  Poor baby!  She didn't want to lay in her crib & would cry & cry, so being the "push-over" that I am, I brought her downstairs and cuddled with her in the chair for the night.  She was content as could be & she was able to get a good night's rest (which is important when you're not feeling well).  Thankfully, on Sunday morning when I ventured back-up stairs with her, my amazing husband took her so I could get a little more sleep.  Before I knew it, all three of us were laying in bed together taking a nap!  

Once we all woke up, we took a walk with the dog.  It was so humid and gross out, though.  Not the most enjoyable walking weather.  I made some homemade cinnamon biscuits and relaxed until we headed out to some friends of ours for dinner & a little play date {their daughter is a year and a half, so the "play-date" was more of an excuse to get the adults together!}.  

Sunday night, Dafney still wasn't feeling "quite right", so we didn't stay out late (like 7:30...which is semi-late for people that have a 5 1/2 month old).  Dafney slept a little better, which made me feel a little better.  

Memorial Day was gorgeous out.  We took about a 4 mile walk in the morning.  I made some home-made apple cinnamon oatmeal & bacon, egg & Gouda breakfast sandwiches for breakfast.  Played with Dafney.  Made a home-made Lasagna to throw in the oven sometime this week (I quick week-day meals).  Played with Dafney some more.  Took a nap.  Nothing to crazy :)  

It was a lovely weekend.  I'm hoping that Dafney's belly starts to feel better soon! 

Happy Day! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Swimming & Biking & Running....OH MY!

What have I gotten myself into?!?!  Yep, that's right, I'm finally doing it...my very first

 {excuse me while I pee myself}

Yep, I'm finally doing something major that's on my bucket list.  I'm so excited & so nervous...I've never done anything more than a 5K run.  


I am deathly afraid of lakes and the 500 yard swim is in a {gulp} lake.  I was a swimmer in HS and my "event" was the 500 yard freestyle, but swimming this in a lake is totally scary to me.  Yes, I know I can finish the swim with no problems, but God help me if any creepy, crawly thing touches any part of my body while I'm swimming; it might be enough for me to fake my own drowning so one of those lifeboats comes to rescue me.  {yes, I am that afraid and would actually do something that extreme}.  

On to the fifteen point five (15.5) mile BIKE ride.  

{again, excuse me while I PEE myself}

Considering I whine & complain when I have to bike 2 miles, this should be fairly amusing.  Biking is definitely not my thang.  I don't enjoy it, it's not a hobby of mine & I often find myself swearing at bikers that are on the road.  However, I will put on my big girl panties & suck it up....this one time.  

I'm hoping & praying that the bike route is flat {and by "flat", I mean completely down hill}, because this girl doesn't bike UP hills.  I may or may not be that moron you see walking their bike up any said hills.  But, whatever gets the job done, right?

And, I can't forget about the 5K run.  Hey, guess what else isn't my "thang"?  Yep, you guessed it running.  You're probably asking yourself why I'm even participating if 2 out of the 3 things are pretty much my least favorite activities EVER and the other one I'm deathly afraid of...well, um, I don't have an answer.  I just am, so leave me alone!

Anyway, back to the 5K...I've done one 5K in my whole life and it was alright.  I did it in about 28 minutes, which is nothing to brag about.  My goal is to make it to the running portion of the race without having to fake my own drowning, or having to walk my bike up a hill.  If I can make it to the running part, I'll be in good shape.  I know I can finish the 3ish mile run...it might be extremely slow, but I'll finish {mostly because I know there will be an ice coldbeer waiting for me at the finish line} 

As I was just informed...11 weeks until race day.  Holy crap, I better get training!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend


Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Ugh...another weekend is has come & gone already :(  However, it was a fun-filled weekend!  Friday night, we didn't do a whole lot.  We grilled out & caught up on some TV shows...

I'm pretty much in ♥ with DVR :)

Saturday we headed over to some friend's of ours to hit up the Farmer's Market and for brunch!  They live in DT St. Paul which is about 10 feet from the farmer's market...SO JEALOUS!  It was a lovely day for the Farmer's Market.  Afterward we went back to our friend's place for some delicious brunch and to catch up!  They had some amazing news...they're expecting!  I am so, so, so happy for them & look forward to the arrival of their little bundle of Joy, due to arrive around Thanksgiving {they'll definitely have something to be thankful for this year :)}.  Dafney will have another little friend to play with!!  We ended up spending most of the day at our friends house so by the time we got home, we were all ready for a nap. 

Sunday I decided that I needed some major, major, major....
retail therapy!

So we hopped in the car and headed to the Mall!  I received a gift card & some cash for my birthday and I was ready to spend it ALL!  I got some new jeans & a new top.  I think I would have bought more, but I could tell that Dafney was starting to melt down and we still needed to hit up Target for groceries.  So, I contained myself {this time} but next time, I expect to do some major damage to my credit card :)

We also checked out a few open houses...nothing worth mentioning, though and relaxed at home for a {short} bit.  

Last night we headed out to our friend's place for a BBQ.  It ended up being a beautiful evening.  We had great food & enjoyed some great company!  It was the perfect end to the weekend.  

Actually, the perfect end to the weekend, was having Ms. Dafney sleep the whole night without waking up!  It was weird not getting up with her last night, but we'll see if it continues.  I have a feeling she was just overly tired after a long day with hardly any naps.    

Well, I suppose I should look productive and get back to work! 

Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Things for FIVE Months

Dear Dafney,

I can hardly believe you're FIVE months old already!  You change everyday & I swear you learn something new constantly!  Here are 5 things about you at five months:

1.  You rolled over on May 8th for the FIRST time!  Your Dad & I were able to see you roll over for the first time and it was amazing!  You rolled from your back to your belly....let me say, you weren't too thrilled.  You sort of gave that "deer in the headlight" look.  Of course, we made a HUGE deal out of it.  Then, you rolled from your belly to your back and you thought that was great!  You smiled - mostly because you were probably happy to be on your back again!  We tried to get you to roll over again so we could get it on video tape, but I guess you thought twice was enough :)

2.  You discovered that you have FEET!  Now that you know you have feet, you try to get them in your mouth every chance you get.  It's adorable and frankly, I'm amazed at how flexible babies are!  

3.  You are now starting to giggle more often.  You think the weirdest things are funny, but it melts our hearts every time we hear you laugh.  You think it's funny when we put your feet by your mouth, when we sing The Wheels on the Bus and do the hand gestures with you, when I dance (though, I'm trying to convince myself that you're not laughing at me!) - regardless, we'll pretty much do anything to hear that sweet laugh of yours!  

4.  You love, love, love to grab things.  Anything.  When we read to you, you're more interested in grabbing the book & trying to figure out how to fit it in your mouth.   You try to grab Hannah's hair when she walks past you & she gives you that "really, you're trying to grab my hair" look.  {someday you two will be best of pals}  The Director at KinderCare gave you a piano toy that you can lay under and it has toys that hang off of it.  You love to grab the toys...it brings hours of entertainment to you :)  

5.  You're starting to "eat" rice cereal!  The first time we fed it to you, you were so un-interested!  I'm pretty sure 98% of ended up on your bib, face or shirt!  We've been giving you rice cereal for about 3 weeks now & you're starting to get the hang of it.  Now I'd say 50% if it actually stays in :)  Here are some pictures for your 1st experience eating rice cereal:

Getting ready to try some rice cereal

Um, what is this stuff?

No more of that crap....let's stick to the good stuff, okay guys?

Oh my, Dafney, there is so much more I could write about you (and I may have to do a dedicated post to everything you're doing, loving & hating these days)...you are an amazing little girl and you are a complete JOY in our lives.  We love watching you grow & change by the day and look forward to all the many things you you'll be doing in the near future!  

We love you so much ♥♥♥

Mom & Dad

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Mother's Day!

This past weekend was fabulous!  Saturday night, Kyle & I got to have a {much needed} DATE NIGHT!  Yep, that's right - we got to enjoy a {baby-free} dinner together.  Grandma & Grandpa M (er, wait, both G & G's last names start w/ an "M"....anyway) came over to babysit Dafney.  I was nervous to leave her for a few hours & have someone else put her to bed, but I knew my parents could handle it!  I went through the list of "things" to know; PJ's, night-time diaper, bottles, toys, etc. and handed her to them :(  It was tough, but I knew that we needed a baby-free night together.  

We jumped in the car and headed to Ruth's Chris...famous for their completely, amazing  STEAKS!  We went all out...wine, filet's & of course, dessert!  We were celebrating my birthday, so the waitress brought out a flour-less chocolate cake with "Happy Birthday" written in chocolate on the plate... 

I may have died & gone to heaven :)

Dinner was amazing!  It was nice not to have to eat my dinner in 3 minutes, or with one hand, or while signing "the Itsy Bitsy Spider" over & over again.  Kyle & I were able to have some adult conversation & enjoy each others company! 

When we got home, we were praying that we didn't see G & G size holes in the wall running away from our daughter Dafney was in bed & my parents were able to just hang out & relax.  Well, thankfully, there were no G & G size holes in the wall - but Dafney was wide awake when we got home.  My parents said she was able to take about an hour nap (she desperately needed one) and they read a book to her & played....she just wasn't ready for bed so they kept her up!  I tiny part of me was happy that I was able to put her to bed myself...I really do enjoy that time with her!  

All in all, it was a lovely evening with my Husband!  I'm already looking forward to our next date night :)

Mother's Day was also a lovely day!  Dafney let us sleep until 7:30am {I consider that her "real" present to me...haha}.  To me, Mother's Day wasn't about the presents or cards, but about spending quality time with my Dafney!  Now that I'm a Mother, I now understand just how much a Mother does for her baby.  It was a special first Mother's Day for me!  

Me, my Mom & Dafney :) ♥

Mother's Day also marked Dafney's 5 month "birthday"!  I can not believe that she's already 5 months.  I can remember the day she was born so well!  I think about it often & can't wait to share the details of that very special day with her someday.  

I hope all of the Mother's out there had a fabulous day with their loved ones!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm stuck in this god-for-saken FUNK and I can't seem to find my way out of it.  It's starting to tear me down & I'm becoming moody, negative & down-right un-pleasant to be around...
 ...{just ask my Husband}.  

Problem is, I don't know how to pull myself out of it.  The first thing I need to do is identify the problem(s).  

Easy {peasy lemon squeezy} - I can sum it up in one very little, but very major word: 
{my VERY craptastic}  JOB(okay, maybe I used FOUR words)

I am feeling so lost, confused & stuck right now.  I'm in a "dead-end" job and don't see any room for growth or opportunity in the near future.  I've been in this position for almost five (yes, count em' FIVE) years and there isn't even a glimmer of hope in moving up, learning more or bettering myself.  

So, I find myself wondering "what the heck am I still doing here"?  This place isn't for me anymore nor is this career path.  I'm ready to venture out of the Accounting world and onto bigger & better things.  

But how?  

I'm finding it darn near impossible to change careers.  Either I don't have the right degree, or I don't have the proper experience, or I don't know the right people to help get my foot in the door.  I'm starting to loose hope; is this all there is for me?  Am I stuck here....{gulp} forever

So, how does one make a career change?  I know that coming to this job everyday is not healthy...it's tearing me down both mentally & physically and I just can't do it anymore.  

I know, I know....I should be thankful that I even have a job.  And, I am.  But, I have to believe that at some point, it's just not worth it any longer.  And, I feel like that time is here.  

Has anyone else made a career change?  How did you go about doing it?  
On a brighter note, I had a lovely weekend and will post about it soon...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thirty 2

It's true, I'm another year WISER...ha, you thought I was going to say older :)  Yep, I just celebrated another year of my life.  I had a really, really great day.  When I got to work, my amazing work buddies had gifts galore on my desk...and I truly do mean, GIFTS GALORE.  Those crazy broads went over-the-top: movies {yes, plural, as in four}, earbuds (ha, that's a story in-itself), Starbucks gift card, popcorn, treats, cupcakes & of course, a singing card :)  I'm so lucky to have such awesome work pals!  They really do make this place tolerable.  We also went out to lunch where I devoured ate a yummy burger & fries {because being UNhealthy on your birthday is completely acceptable}.  

When I got home, Dafney, Hannah & I went to meet the Hubby at the lightrail.  It was a gorgeous day for a walk.  

 Thanks, Mother Nature, for the lovely birthday weather!  

We were planning to do a celebration dinner, but not until this weekend.  So, imagine how excited I was when Kyle suggested we hit up al Vento a local S. Minneapolis restaurant for dinner;  especially since I hadn't even thought about a dinner plan.  The food, as always, was amazing and so was the dinner company!  Thanks Husband for the dinner & thanks, Dafney for joining us and being so well behaved :)  

We ended the night by watching some TV & relaxing.  It was truly the PERFECT day!  Only 364 more days until the best day of the year rolls around!!

I'm so happy that today is Friday!  We don't have anything major planned.  Just heading to my parents house for Mother's Day.  

Speaking of Mother's Day, this year's brings on a whole new meaning to me.  It's my FIRST real Mother's Day....you know, one where I actually have a child and I'm not trying to convince myself that my Furbaby is reason enough to be honored on Mother's Day.  I'm really hoping that the weather is going to be nice so we can hit up the Zoo or Conservatory.  

I'm excited to have a SECOND day in one week designated for M.E.  

I hope all the Mother's out there are honored for all their hard work, dedication & love for their children!  Now that I'm a Mama, I can totally see & understand how much a mother does for their kids.  They are amazing people!

Hope you have a fabulous {Mother's Day} weekend!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy {engagement} Anniversary!

I can't believe that 3 years ago we got engaged!  

Where has the time gone?  I remember that day so vividly.  It was truly one of the happiest days of my life!  And to think, 3 years later, our lives have changed dramatically {for the  better, of course}!  

Since getting engaged, we: 
  • Planned a wedding
  • Got Married
  • Husband made a bit of a career change
  • Found out we were expecting
  • Had our amazing daughter
  • Adjusted to our new lives as a family of 3 (well, 4 if you count Hannah)
Things are certainly different now!  I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband & father to our beautiful baby girl!  

Here's to my wonderful Husband....
HAPPY {engagement} ANNIVERSARY! ♥

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Things Thursday

The {dreaded} JOB
...where do I even begin to start rambling on this one? 
 I'm not a fan of my job.  

Things have been, shall I say interesting for a while now.  I feel like I'm in a dead end job with little, to no chance of advancement in the near future.  Though I've expressed these concerns to my boss, I don't think there's any hope of advancement...
...And, that's just not okay with me.  

I need to be challenged & I want to learn more.  I don't want to do the same mundane thing every day.  I know it's time for a change because I'm just not feeling like myself right now {and not in a good way}.  I feel on edge and seem to snap really easily.  I don't like feeling, or acting like that.  I sort of feel stuck right now.  I want to move on into something bigger and better, but at the same time, I find myself wondering if the "grass really is greener on the other side?!  And, where do I go from here?  I'd really like to make a complete career change.

  Accounting isn't my thang.  

I would LOVE to be a marriage counselor, but I know that I would need to go back to school for a Master's degree.  My Dad went to school for his Master's degree when my sister & I were growing up and I remember him spending a lot of time on his schoolwork.  Personally, I'd love to get my Master's, but I feel torn, because I see how PRECIOUS my time with Dafney is.  I want to spend my free time with her. I would also enjoy an editing job.  But again, I don't have the correct College background for that sort of career.  So, where does this leave me?  Am I stuck in the Accounting world forever?! 

...yes, this is something I've neglected since, well, I found out we were expecting.  It's now 4 1/2 months after Dafney was born and I'm still using the excuse:  "but I JUST had a baby" 

...um, probably not plausible anymore.  

First, I need to lay off the sugar & sweets.  Ever since my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I've needed wanted sweets...candy, cookies, cake, ice-cream - you name it, I wanted it.  Well, now that it's 4 months post baby, I need to get back to the healthy eating mentality.  I'm not necessarily looking to lose weight, but to get in shape and just feel healthy.  

Thankfully {due to breastfeeding}, I shed those pregnancy pounds + some within a month of having Dafney.  However, I need to be healthier for me AND Dafney.  

I also need to move my butt off the couch.  I haven't actually "worked out" in over a year.  I mean what am I trying to do, set a new record or something?!  This laziness needs to end....

My plan...I need to start doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.  When I was getting ready for our Wedding, I did this workout daily and was pleasantly surprised at how fast I got into shape.  I felt stronger, looked stronger and most importantly, felt healthy.  So, this weekend commences the start of the 30 day shred.  I know that my schedule doesn't necessarily allow for me to do this every day, but my goal is to do this at least FOUR times a week.  I think it's totally do-able.  Healthier Leah...here I come!

Remember when I was concerned because Dafney wouldn't take a bottle??   Well....now she takes it like a CHAMP!  It's amazing how great her daycare teacher has been & how far she's come with the whole bottle situation.  She takes about 9 ounces each day at Daycare...um, amazing!  And, she'll even take a bottle from me & Kyle.  

Even though I'm head over heals excited that she'll finally take a bottle, I'm a little bit sad.  I loved the fact that she needed me to provide her with food & nourishment.  I felt needed.  Now that she takes the bottle, I feel like I've lost that "needed" feeling.  

{excuse the t.m.i.}
...but last night, she went to bed without needing ME to feed her.  She took her bottle and went right to sleep.  Though I know it's important that she can do this (especially because mom & dad desperately need a date night), it makes me sad.  She's growing up so fast & before I know, she won't need help dressing or eating or bathing...and someday, she's not even going to want to snuggle with me or won't want me hugging or kissing her in public...and then she'll be driving and leaving for college....{okay, I know that I'm taking this to the extremes, but this is how I feel, people}.  I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not ready to give up nursing...it's been such a great bonding experience and I'll be sad when it's a thing of the past :(

However, on the flip side, I am happy that my sweet baby girl is taking the bottle and not starving all day at daycare :)  

Well, there you have it...all my random thoughts in one random

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

Can you believe it's MAY already?  And not only is it May, my baby is 20 WEEKS today.  I just can't believe how fast time goes.  

I'm excited that it's May, though.  It's definitely one of my favorite months.  The air starts to get warmer, things start to turn green, it means summer is just around the corner...oh and it's my birthday month =)  I definitely like celebrating my birthday, but I wouldn't say I do anything "overboard".  

However, I used to have a celebration every year and I called it "Leahpalooza" - catchy, huh?  But, now that I've got a little one, I'm looking forward to spending the day with my loves; Dafney & Kyle (& Hannah, too)!  I'm not looking to do anything fancy - even a quite night in is fine with me {considering Dafney goes to bed around 8pm and her Mama shortly follows that =)}I can already tell that no matter what, this birthday is going to be extra special!

On to something totally off subject (at least it has nothing to do with it being the first day of May!).  Back in March it was my Father-in-law's birthday.  So, Kyle & I and his 2 sisters that have kids decided that we would get some pictures taken of the grand-kids to send for his birthday.  

After doing some "research", we decided to use Kiddie Kandids that's housed at {but apparently not affiliated with} Babies R Us.  We thought they did a good job with the pictures and we liked how they turned out (mostly, we liked that they were priced well).  A couple weeks after, we got a call that the pictures were done so we went to pick them up.  The portrait lady said that there was a set in their that they didn't crop correctly, so they were going to re-order them at no charge and would call when they were ready.  Great.  No big Deal.  

Meanwhile, Kyle had scanned & emailed the pictures to his sisters so he could verify which pictures belonged to whom.  Apparently, both us & Kiddie Kandids had made a mistake and we received 2 sets of the same sister's kids (I guess no-one caught it on our receipt sheet and they must have clicked the wrong picture to print...regardless, we were both at fault).  So, when we went to pick up the 2nd set of pictures, Kyle explained what had happened and asked if there was anyway we could get the correct pictures printed; they kindly said they would & again it would be no charge.  They told us that they would call us when the pictures were ready.  

Keep in mind this was done on April 3rd.  This past weekend, I figured I'd call to see if our pictures were done yet, only to find out that the store had CLOSED!!  Wait - what?  They closed?  There was a message that said that as of April 15th they would no longer be taking appointments and they would be closing on April 21st.  And they left all pictures that had been printed with the Babies R Us Manager.  HUH?!   

I quickly looked up the number to Babies R Us and spoke with someone there.  I know that it was in NO WAY Babies R Us' fault, but I was upset, confused & a little bit irritated.  I calmly told them the situation & they checked in the Manager's room to see if our pictures were there...NOPE.  

I had to call the Kiddie Kandid's Regional Manager yesterday, but I still haven't heard back.  How can a company just close without informing their clients that were waiting on something?  I'm usually a very calm & patient person, but this just seems ridiculous.  Am I overreacting? 

On that note, Dafney wishes everyone a "Happy May Day"!