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Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Things for FIVE Months

Dear Dafney,

I can hardly believe you're FIVE months old already!  You change everyday & I swear you learn something new constantly!  Here are 5 things about you at five months:

1.  You rolled over on May 8th for the FIRST time!  Your Dad & I were able to see you roll over for the first time and it was amazing!  You rolled from your back to your belly....let me say, you weren't too thrilled.  You sort of gave that "deer in the headlight" look.  Of course, we made a HUGE deal out of it.  Then, you rolled from your belly to your back and you thought that was great!  You smiled - mostly because you were probably happy to be on your back again!  We tried to get you to roll over again so we could get it on video tape, but I guess you thought twice was enough :)

2.  You discovered that you have FEET!  Now that you know you have feet, you try to get them in your mouth every chance you get.  It's adorable and frankly, I'm amazed at how flexible babies are!  

3.  You are now starting to giggle more often.  You think the weirdest things are funny, but it melts our hearts every time we hear you laugh.  You think it's funny when we put your feet by your mouth, when we sing The Wheels on the Bus and do the hand gestures with you, when I dance (though, I'm trying to convince myself that you're not laughing at me!) - regardless, we'll pretty much do anything to hear that sweet laugh of yours!  

4.  You love, love, love to grab things.  Anything.  When we read to you, you're more interested in grabbing the book & trying to figure out how to fit it in your mouth.   You try to grab Hannah's hair when she walks past you & she gives you that "really, you're trying to grab my hair" look.  {someday you two will be best of pals}  The Director at KinderCare gave you a piano toy that you can lay under and it has toys that hang off of it.  You love to grab the toys...it brings hours of entertainment to you :)  

5.  You're starting to "eat" rice cereal!  The first time we fed it to you, you were so un-interested!  I'm pretty sure 98% of ended up on your bib, face or shirt!  We've been giving you rice cereal for about 3 weeks now & you're starting to get the hang of it.  Now I'd say 50% if it actually stays in :)  Here are some pictures for your 1st experience eating rice cereal:

Getting ready to try some rice cereal

Um, what is this stuff?

No more of that crap....let's stick to the good stuff, okay guys?

Oh my, Dafney, there is so much more I could write about you (and I may have to do a dedicated post to everything you're doing, loving & hating these days)...you are an amazing little girl and you are a complete JOY in our lives.  We love watching you grow & change by the day and look forward to all the many things you you'll be doing in the near future!  

We love you so much ♥♥♥

Mom & Dad

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