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{52 things in 52 weeks}

I've recently started a list of 52 things I'd like to complete in 52 weeks.  Everything that is bold & red has been completed, everything in italics & blue are things I'm working on & everything that's plain are things I have yet to start/complete. 

52 Things in 52 Weeks (in no particular order):

1.  Find a new job (something that makes me HAPPY)!
2.  Go on a picnic with my husband, daughter & furbaby. It may have only been in our yard, but we sat on a blanket and enjoyed dinner a few times last summer!
3.  Make homemade dog treats.
4.  Run a 10K race.
5.  Watch the sunset.
6.  Kiss my husband under mistletoe ♥
7.  Travel to a state I've never been to.
8.  Cook 52 new recipes {found some great new "go-to's", tried a few we weren't fond of & changed up some recipes to make them more "our flavor" - I'm constantly finding new recipes & love trying them all}!
9.  Write a letter to a friend.
10.  Learn sign language.
11.  Learn how to sew.
12.  Write a letter to my daughter each week & put it away for her to read someday.
13.  Complete my daughter's baby book.
14.  Plant & maintain a garden.
15.  Go to a drive-in-movie theater.
16.  Ride in a hot air balloon.
17.  Read one book every month.
18.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.
19.  Attend a mid-night movie premiere.
20.  Train hard for a race {specifically the August triathlon}.
21.  Do 20 "real" push-ups.
22.  See a musical {Phantom of the Opera...A-Mazing!}
23.  Go ice-skating.
24.  Bake & decorate a cake for a special occasion: Father's Day, I made my Dad/Husband a cake that looked like a golf green :)
25.  Re-decorate our bedroom {consider it DONE since we built a new house ;)}
26.  Start a holiday tradition - it's a silly one, but I plan to always get my family a pair of socks for Christmas...I ♥ socks; they're "my thing"!  Once we're in our own house, I am sure I will start some more Holiday Traditions!
27.  Go to the Zoo {thanks to my parents - they got us a family Zoo pass for Christmas}!
28.  Have professional family photos taken. {thanks to my good friend}
29.  Plant a flower garden.
30.  Paint our house - can I consider this DONE, since we're getting a NEW house ;)
31.  Watch a classic movie.
32.  Get a real Christmas tree.
33.  Organize our closet - now that our closet is rather large (for us anyway), it's SUPER organized!
34.  Organize my photos.
35.  Attend church once a month.
36.  Learn all the state capitals.
37.  Comment on 50 random blogs {commenting on random blogs is so much fun...who doesn't enjoy some comment love ♥}
38.  Learn to say "I love you" in 5 different languages.
39.  Go fishing {my Dad has a really, really nice fish house & we made it out recently}.
40.  Plan a girls night.
41.  Start my own cooking blog.
42.  Participate in a triathlon (signed up for August 12, 2012):: COMPLETED :)...looking forward to it again this year!
43.  Get a PR in a 5K.
44.  Learn to skip a stone across the lake.
45.  Pay for someone's order in line behind me.
46.  Make something from Pinterest.
47.  Watch one of my Husband's hockey games.
48.  Teach someone how to swim {I'm helping my daughter learn how to "swim"}!
49.  Make my own Holiday cards {okay, so I didn't make a Holiday card, but we did handmake Dafney's 1st birthday invitations...therefore, I'm counting that :)}!
50.  Write to someone who inspired me.
51.  Organize our back-room - again, I will consider it done ;)
52.  Try a food that I wouldn't try.



  1. I've also started a blog on 52 things and 52 weeks please have a look http://52thingsand52weeks.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Nice list! Thought number 37 was funny! I have something similar on my list, comment on blog posts that I found helpful. Hope you complete yours! Best of luck!

  3. Nice list! Thought number 37 was funny! I have something similar on my list, comment on blog posts that I found helpful. Hope you complete yours! Best of luck!