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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Things Thursday

The {dreaded} JOB
...where do I even begin to start rambling on this one? 
 I'm not a fan of my job.  

Things have been, shall I say interesting for a while now.  I feel like I'm in a dead end job with little, to no chance of advancement in the near future.  Though I've expressed these concerns to my boss, I don't think there's any hope of advancement...
...And, that's just not okay with me.  

I need to be challenged & I want to learn more.  I don't want to do the same mundane thing every day.  I know it's time for a change because I'm just not feeling like myself right now {and not in a good way}.  I feel on edge and seem to snap really easily.  I don't like feeling, or acting like that.  I sort of feel stuck right now.  I want to move on into something bigger and better, but at the same time, I find myself wondering if the "grass really is greener on the other side?!  And, where do I go from here?  I'd really like to make a complete career change.

  Accounting isn't my thang.  

I would LOVE to be a marriage counselor, but I know that I would need to go back to school for a Master's degree.  My Dad went to school for his Master's degree when my sister & I were growing up and I remember him spending a lot of time on his schoolwork.  Personally, I'd love to get my Master's, but I feel torn, because I see how PRECIOUS my time with Dafney is.  I want to spend my free time with her. I would also enjoy an editing job.  But again, I don't have the correct College background for that sort of career.  So, where does this leave me?  Am I stuck in the Accounting world forever?! 

...yes, this is something I've neglected since, well, I found out we were expecting.  It's now 4 1/2 months after Dafney was born and I'm still using the excuse:  "but I JUST had a baby" 

...um, probably not plausible anymore.  

First, I need to lay off the sugar & sweets.  Ever since my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I've needed wanted sweets...candy, cookies, cake, ice-cream - you name it, I wanted it.  Well, now that it's 4 months post baby, I need to get back to the healthy eating mentality.  I'm not necessarily looking to lose weight, but to get in shape and just feel healthy.  

Thankfully {due to breastfeeding}, I shed those pregnancy pounds + some within a month of having Dafney.  However, I need to be healthier for me AND Dafney.  

I also need to move my butt off the couch.  I haven't actually "worked out" in over a year.  I mean what am I trying to do, set a new record or something?!  This laziness needs to end....

My plan...I need to start doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.  When I was getting ready for our Wedding, I did this workout daily and was pleasantly surprised at how fast I got into shape.  I felt stronger, looked stronger and most importantly, felt healthy.  So, this weekend commences the start of the 30 day shred.  I know that my schedule doesn't necessarily allow for me to do this every day, but my goal is to do this at least FOUR times a week.  I think it's totally do-able.  Healthier Leah...here I come!

Remember when I was concerned because Dafney wouldn't take a bottle??   Well....now she takes it like a CHAMP!  It's amazing how great her daycare teacher has been & how far she's come with the whole bottle situation.  She takes about 9 ounces each day at Daycare...um, amazing!  And, she'll even take a bottle from me & Kyle.  

Even though I'm head over heals excited that she'll finally take a bottle, I'm a little bit sad.  I loved the fact that she needed me to provide her with food & nourishment.  I felt needed.  Now that she takes the bottle, I feel like I've lost that "needed" feeling.  

{excuse the t.m.i.}
...but last night, she went to bed without needing ME to feed her.  She took her bottle and went right to sleep.  Though I know it's important that she can do this (especially because mom & dad desperately need a date night), it makes me sad.  She's growing up so fast & before I know, she won't need help dressing or eating or bathing...and someday, she's not even going to want to snuggle with me or won't want me hugging or kissing her in public...and then she'll be driving and leaving for college....{okay, I know that I'm taking this to the extremes, but this is how I feel, people}.  I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not ready to give up nursing...it's been such a great bonding experience and I'll be sad when it's a thing of the past :(

However, on the flip side, I am happy that my sweet baby girl is taking the bottle and not starving all day at daycare :)  

Well, there you have it...all my random thoughts in one random

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  1. I love this post!!!! You look great by the way. I hear ya about the job. Yes, I think if you want to be challenged (and need to be) the grass will be greener if you face those fears. It's getting past that fear part that is hard!!! Because you never know what change will bring... Usually it brings something pretty awesome though! You can do it!!!