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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Life lately!

It's the end of August.  The MN State Fair starts tomorrow.  My sweet little man turns 5 months on Friday.  Where-O-where has the time gone?  Seriously.  Where?  

I've been back to work for over a month now.  Gross.  But, on a good note, I was able to reduce my hours so I have Fridays off to spend with the kids.  I only just started my reduced hours last Friday, but I know I am going to LOVE it.  I got to spend some quality time with the kids and it was so much fun.  We spent over an hour at a local park, hit up the library, ate Pot Pies for lunch and played until our hearts content! 

Once I started back at work, we made the decision to change daycares.  Yes, we loved our old daycare, but once I confirmed that I was able to reduce my hours, we knew we needed to find something a bit cheaper.  We found a really great Spanish-Immersion daycare.  We've been there almost a month and we love it!  Dafney definitely misses her friends, but she seems to be making new friends and loves her teachers!

Little man is already 20 weeks.  Whoa.  He has changed SO much over the past 20 weeks.  He's starting to giggle and it's adorable.  He is a happy little guy and is almost always ready to give you a big toothless smile :)

He probably weighs about 17 pounds and is so strong!  He loves to be held, thinks his Mom's dancing is hilarious and most recently realized how much he loves to swing.  

He has such a sweet demeanor and is super laid back & fairly quite considering he is part MacKenzie.  Apparently, he takes after his Mom...cute & quiet.  Right?!  We love having him around and can't imagine our lives without him!

Dafney is still my smart, spunky, silly, three going on thirteen year old!  She constantly keeps us on our toes.  She's hit such a fun age.  She's even picking up some Spanish...she's so advanced ;)

And to say she "loves her brother" would be the understatement of the Century.  She cares for him like I never thought imaginable!  She's definitely the sweetest, most caring big sister EVER.

I guess I'd say, Life is good!