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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

summer in review

It's so hard for me to believe that summer 2014 has already come & gone!  Even though I feel like we sort of got the short stick on summer-time-weather, the MacKenzie's certainly had a fabulous summer {and the pictures to prove it}!  Here's a look back at how we spent our summer {don't worry, it's condensed...I wouldn't want to bore you with the 1,500+ pictures I took to capture our summer}!

We started out the summer with a trip to Grandma & Papa Mumm's camper for their "Easter weekend":

...then some celebrating the birth of a new baby with good friends:

...a lot of playing with water table and many water fights:

...the hubby and I celebrated our 4th wedding Anniversary with a date to one of our favorite local restaurants:

...spent many hours at local festivals and even had popcorn for dinner {!}:

...had our fair share of ice cream cones for dessert:

...took Dafney to the annual Turtle Derby, where she proceeded to win a cupcake at the cake walk:

...visited quite a few local splash pads:

...put a ton of miles on our bikes:

...rode the train:

...took more family selfies then I care to admit ;)

...went to the MOA and got a picture with Dora:

...took Dafney on her first "real" ride {and she LOVED all of them...she's definitely going to be a rides kind of gal:

...hubby and I enjoyed a lunch date while the All Star Baseball action was in town:

...we had MANY potty training success over the course of the summer:

...we finally got GRASS:

...hit up yet another local festival:

...a certain little girl got her first official haircut {don't let that smile fool you; it did not go well}:

...we went to a birthday party at Choo-Choo Bobs:

...went to a park opening:

...visited Olaf at Barnes & Noble:

...swam at G & G's pool:

...D got her hair colored at a daycare event:

...played with babies constantly:

...and more swimming at G & G's...this time with friends:

...soaked up the sun while playing in the sandbox:

...took Dafney to her first State Fair:

...got excited to cheer on the GOPHERS:

...fixed her bike {okay, not really, but she thought she was fixing it}:

...had a run-in with a Mosquito:

...visited a really cool park in Bloomington:

...and rounded out the summer with a little "back-to-school-shopping":

This is just a taste of what we did over the summer.  To say we had fun is an understatement!  It was one of the best summers of my life!  Seriously!  I hope your summer was as much fun as ours!