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Friday, May 11, 2012

Thirty 2

It's true, I'm another year WISER...ha, you thought I was going to say older :)  Yep, I just celebrated another year of my life.  I had a really, really great day.  When I got to work, my amazing work buddies had gifts galore on my desk...and I truly do mean, GIFTS GALORE.  Those crazy broads went over-the-top: movies {yes, plural, as in four}, earbuds (ha, that's a story in-itself), Starbucks gift card, popcorn, treats, cupcakes & of course, a singing card :)  I'm so lucky to have such awesome work pals!  They really do make this place tolerable.  We also went out to lunch where I devoured ate a yummy burger & fries {because being UNhealthy on your birthday is completely acceptable}.  

When I got home, Dafney, Hannah & I went to meet the Hubby at the lightrail.  It was a gorgeous day for a walk.  

 Thanks, Mother Nature, for the lovely birthday weather!  

We were planning to do a celebration dinner, but not until this weekend.  So, imagine how excited I was when Kyle suggested we hit up al Vento a local S. Minneapolis restaurant for dinner;  especially since I hadn't even thought about a dinner plan.  The food, as always, was amazing and so was the dinner company!  Thanks Husband for the dinner & thanks, Dafney for joining us and being so well behaved :)  

We ended the night by watching some TV & relaxing.  It was truly the PERFECT day!  Only 364 more days until the best day of the year rolls around!!

I'm so happy that today is Friday!  We don't have anything major planned.  Just heading to my parents house for Mother's Day.  

Speaking of Mother's Day, this year's brings on a whole new meaning to me.  It's my FIRST real Mother's Day....you know, one where I actually have a child and I'm not trying to convince myself that my Furbaby is reason enough to be honored on Mother's Day.  I'm really hoping that the weather is going to be nice so we can hit up the Zoo or Conservatory.  

I'm excited to have a SECOND day in one week designated for M.E.  

I hope all the Mother's out there are honored for all their hard work, dedication & love for their children!  Now that I'm a Mama, I can totally see & understand how much a mother does for their kids.  They are amazing people!

Hope you have a fabulous {Mother's Day} weekend!

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