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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Story of US

Kyle and I have been married for 492 DAYS!  Not that I’m counting or anything…and as cliché as this may sound, I truly fall more in love with him each passing day.  We’ve definitely grown a ton in the past 492 days! 

Kyle & I met on September 17th, 2004.  I had recently moved back home after breaking off an engagement with the biggest piece of crap my now ex.  I certainly wasn’t looking for a relationship; in fact, I sort of felt like I was done with boys and relationships for a while.  In my mind, boys were the enemy.  I was ready to be single, have fun and just be ME for a while.  

It was refreshing and for the first time in over a year, I felt happy.  On my first weekend back home, a group of my friends decided to head downtown for some drinks, dancing and good times.  After the move and all the weird emotions I was feeling, I really needed to consume mass quantities of drinks a few cocktails.  Little did I know, that night would form the rest of my life with my now Husband.  

Kyle was one of my best friends’ roommates.  To be honest, I really didn’t notice him at first {hence, being done with boys}.  I remember taking the first cab downtown with a friend, Kyle’s friend and Kyle.  We chatted about jobs (at which time, I didn’t have one), how we all knew each other and the typical “small talk”.  

After consuming a few beverages, I remember Kyle talking to me quite a bit.  He seemed nice, but almost overly interested.  He asked me on a date, but I continually said “no”.  I just wasn’t ready to jump into the dating scene.  I remember he wouldn’t leave me alone, though.  The night got a bit hazy and one of the last things that I vividly remember was running into my friends’ room when we got back to their place SOBBING, because of Kyle.  Yes, the first time I met Kyle, he MADE.ME.CRY.  Honestly, it wasn’t that he was bad, I was just overly emotional and drunk...not a good combination. 

…Fast forward a few months.  I had hung out with Kyle in group settings, but not really on a “one on one” setting.  We “flirted” via text and even when we were together, but neither of us had the “guts” to ask the other out on a date.  We started to form that “friends with benefits” vibe, but it was different.  I think deep down, we both felt something for one another, but neither of us wanted to admit it.  

We were happy with the way things were, so we continued whatever it was.  This went on for about a year and a half {keeping in mind that during this time we had numerous talks about dating and relationships and on more than one occasion, he made it very clear that he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend or relationship…ouch}.  

Now, this should have been a red flag for me, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t let him/us go.  But, after a year and a half of being “whatever”, I needed to know what we were.  Was he my “boyfriend”?  Was I his “girlfriend”?  Was it {and would it always just be} a “friends with benefits” thing?  Was he seeing other people?  Did he want to be serious with me?  All these questions ran through my head.  I had to know where I stood with him.  I was scared he didn’t want a relationship and things with us would start to fizzle.  I felt nauseous.  I was afraid of how the “talk” would affect our friendship.  But, I had to know so I worked up the nerve to ask him.  Surprisingly, he said the he wanted it to be “official”.  I couldn’t believe what he was saying.  

5 months later, we moved in together….

On May 4th, 2009 (after 3 years of dating, plus a year and a half of “whatever we were”), Kyle proposed 

It was beyond perfect.  

I had absolutely no idea that this was coming.  We hadn’t really talked in depth about marriage even though I think we both knew we were ready.  In fact a few days earlier, Kyle said something about not wanting to get married until he was into his thirties (he was just 30 at the time).  I remember thinking, “well, I guess we won’t be getting engaged anytime soon”.  Little did I know.  

Anyway, back to the proposal…that day, Kyle told me he was going to have to work late, so imagine my surprise when I got home from work to a note on the door that read: an Leah, come downstairs, I have an early Anniversary present for you {our 3 year Anniversary was the next day}.  I cautiously walked in the house, still completely oblivious as to what was about to happen and walked downstairs.  To my surprise, there was Kyle, sitting on the couch, candles lit, flowers on the table and Dave Matthews Band playing (my favorite).  

He asked me to sit down with him and we chatted about our day and then he started talking about the past 3 years and how he loved me, etc.  (still oblivious).  He then, got down on one knee, pulled out a gorgeous ring and asked me to marry him.  My heart was beating so fast…I couldn’t believe what was happening.  And, the first thing out my mouth was “are you serious?”…nice huh?  I quickly said YES and the rest is history!  

I wanted to call my parents and he said that they already knew as he asked for my Dad’s blessing the weekend before, but they were still so excited when I called them and shared the details.  It was one of the most amazing and memorable days of my life.   

A little over a year later, we were married!

Our first camping trip

Random birthday / Kickball Shenanigans

Kickball...Vegas style

All dressed up

Little sister's wedding

Getting crazy at a Gophers Football game

Vacationing in Hawaii

So in ♥

A night on the town

Celebrating our engagement & my birthday in VEGAS

Our first {& only} 4th of July as an engaged couple!

Celebrating a friend's wedding


We're having a baby!

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