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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

Can you believe it's MAY already?  And not only is it May, my baby is 20 WEEKS today.  I just can't believe how fast time goes.  

I'm excited that it's May, though.  It's definitely one of my favorite months.  The air starts to get warmer, things start to turn green, it means summer is just around the corner...oh and it's my birthday month =)  I definitely like celebrating my birthday, but I wouldn't say I do anything "overboard".  

However, I used to have a celebration every year and I called it "Leahpalooza" - catchy, huh?  But, now that I've got a little one, I'm looking forward to spending the day with my loves; Dafney & Kyle (& Hannah, too)!  I'm not looking to do anything fancy - even a quite night in is fine with me {considering Dafney goes to bed around 8pm and her Mama shortly follows that =)}I can already tell that no matter what, this birthday is going to be extra special!

On to something totally off subject (at least it has nothing to do with it being the first day of May!).  Back in March it was my Father-in-law's birthday.  So, Kyle & I and his 2 sisters that have kids decided that we would get some pictures taken of the grand-kids to send for his birthday.  

After doing some "research", we decided to use Kiddie Kandids that's housed at {but apparently not affiliated with} Babies R Us.  We thought they did a good job with the pictures and we liked how they turned out (mostly, we liked that they were priced well).  A couple weeks after, we got a call that the pictures were done so we went to pick them up.  The portrait lady said that there was a set in their that they didn't crop correctly, so they were going to re-order them at no charge and would call when they were ready.  Great.  No big Deal.  

Meanwhile, Kyle had scanned & emailed the pictures to his sisters so he could verify which pictures belonged to whom.  Apparently, both us & Kiddie Kandids had made a mistake and we received 2 sets of the same sister's kids (I guess no-one caught it on our receipt sheet and they must have clicked the wrong picture to print...regardless, we were both at fault).  So, when we went to pick up the 2nd set of pictures, Kyle explained what had happened and asked if there was anyway we could get the correct pictures printed; they kindly said they would & again it would be no charge.  They told us that they would call us when the pictures were ready.  

Keep in mind this was done on April 3rd.  This past weekend, I figured I'd call to see if our pictures were done yet, only to find out that the store had CLOSED!!  Wait - what?  They closed?  There was a message that said that as of April 15th they would no longer be taking appointments and they would be closing on April 21st.  And they left all pictures that had been printed with the Babies R Us Manager.  HUH?!   

I quickly looked up the number to Babies R Us and spoke with someone there.  I know that it was in NO WAY Babies R Us' fault, but I was upset, confused & a little bit irritated.  I calmly told them the situation & they checked in the Manager's room to see if our pictures were there...NOPE.  

I had to call the Kiddie Kandid's Regional Manager yesterday, but I still haven't heard back.  How can a company just close without informing their clients that were waiting on something?  I'm usually a very calm & patient person, but this just seems ridiculous.  Am I overreacting? 

On that note, Dafney wishes everyone a "Happy May Day"!

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