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Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty low-key since we're trying to get everyone in the house feeling better.  The Husband was sick last week and was out of work Thursday & Friday.  I think Dafney & I are both finally starting to feel back to "normal" (KNOCK ON WOOD).  

Friday we just stayed in & were really lazy...nothing wrong with that!  Saturday we got to "sleep in" until 6:15am - YEAH =)  Getting up that early makes the day feel like it's about 50 hours long.  

In the morning, some of my work buddies stopped over on their way down to run the Get in Gear 5 & 10K.  I had every intention to head down there with Dafney to cheer them on, but it was cold and wet - not a great combination when you're trying to get & stay well.  Therefore, we just wished them "good luck" and they were on their way.  

Congrats to Carly, Kristin & Kathy on their great races!!  

We didn't do much during the day, but that night our friends had a "last minute" celebratory party in honor of the Shrewsbury soccer team (in England) doing something good (sorry, I really couldn't tell you what they did, all I know is we celebrated!).  We headed over for some pizza and adult beverages.  We even stayed out until a whopping 8pm...yep, we're crazy party animals! 

Sunday morning Dafney let us sleep late.  In fact, I ended up waking her around 9:30am.  It was absolutely wonderful to sleep past 6am.  I felt refreshed and {somewhat} rested.  

I think Sunday morning was the highlight of my weekend.  We gave Dafney RICE CEREAL for the 1st time.  It was exciting and sad all in one.  Exciting - because this starts a whole new part of her "life".  Starting to eat "real" food is kind of a big deal when you're 4 months old.  However, I felt really sad.  I know it seems weird, but for the past 4.5 months, I've been the sole person to provide her source of nutrition & food.  I think I might be the small percentage of people that absolutely loved, loved, loved breastfeeding.  For me, it was easy from day 1.  Dafney took to it with absolutely no problems, which in turn made it really easy & enjoyable for me.  It never hurt for me and I never looked at it as an annoyance or something that I "had" to do.  I always looked at it as a great way to bond with my daughter...it was our very special time together.  Something that no-one else had with her and that no-one else could give her.  It truly was special.  

So, now that we're slowly moving on-to some solid foods, it makes me a little (okay, a lot) sad that we won't have as much bonding time.  Seriously, she's growing up too fast!  I want her to stay my baby forever...okay, at least for a little while longer. 

Anyway...back to the rice cereal experience: it was okay.  She was very content on being in her highchair...(that was obstacle #1).  She's not a huge fan of being in her car seat, so I wasn't sure how being strapped into a highchair was going to be, but she did really well.  She took the food into her mouth with the spoon (obstacle #2) with no problems.  However, she would take her tongue and push the food right out (obstacle #3).  I don't think she actually took in much food, but it was a start.  We're going to continue giving her this food daily and hopefully in time, she'll start to enjoy it.  After a few weeks of working with the rice cereal, our Pediatrician said we could introduce a new food every 3-4 days.  Oh, how time flies. 

Here are some pictures of our cutie with her first rice cereal experience:

Getting ready to try rice cereal for the FIRST time

Not so sure about this...

Spitting most of it out...oh well!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Regrets & Hair Loss?

No, regrets & hair loss are in no way, shape or form related.  Excuse the randomness!

I try not to live my life with many "regrets".  Unfortunately, every now & then, they happen.  I'm proud (?) to say that I only have one real regret since the birth of Dafney.  It's nothing major {okay, in my head it's major, but it's certainly not life or death}.  

BUT, I regret not having newborn pictures of Dafney taken =(  I see all of these ADORABLE pictures of newborns and am so sad that we never did them.  I think I would have done them had I been a tiny bit more organized and had a photographer, etc. lined up prior to Dafney's arrival.  I mean, I was a little busy once Dafney was born....between feedings, snuggle sessions, more feedings and trying to catch up on sleep, pictures weren't exactly on my mind.   

Thankfully we've taken a picture of our sweet baby girl almost every day since she was born.  So, at least she'll have something to look back on =)  However, before another second goes by, I want to capture Dafney's adorable-ness in a professional picture setting!  

Trying to figure out which out of the thousands of photographers to use is the challenge.  I've received a ton of great recommendations - but I can't seem to pick one.  I mean, they all look like they do a great job!  I'm not looking for anything super "pose-y" and would like something very casual.  I don't want to spend my child's future college fund on these pictures, either.  Truthfully, I just want to capture the "real" Dafney....and if they get some with her smiling, great...if not, well, better luck next time, right? 

It's supposed to be crappy this weekend, so I've made it my goal to research, find & contact a photographer.  Any thoughts, comments, or questions I should ask/keep in mind while looking? 

On to hair loss.  UGH!  I've heard that after your pregnancy it can be normal to loose hair, but holy crap, it's coming out by the fist-fulls.  Not cool!  It's gross, but I truly believe I could have knit a whole freakin' wardrobe for myself with all the hair I've lost.  Thankfully I have a fuller head of hair, so it's not showing yet, but if this continues, I may need to invest in some sort of hat or {gulp} wig!  How long does this typically last? 

On those very random notes, have a great weekend! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

4 Things for FOUR Months

Dear Dafney,

I know that you're already FOUR months old, but I thought I'd start a new "feature" to my blog each month featuring x amount of things for x amount of months old you are.  I thought it might be a fun way to document the special, fun, exciting & new things you're doing/liking/hating each month.  I hope that someday, you can look back at this and read all the amazing things you've done over the years!  And this way, we won't forget some of your major milestones in life =)  So, here it goes:

4 things for FOUR months

1.  Your personality is starting to show and it's adorable!  You are very laid back, but you definitely know what you want, when you want it {and you usually get what you want}!  For the most part, you're a very h-a-p-p-y baby and we cherish every {gummy} smile you give us!!

2.  You have discovered that you have HANDS.  You are grabbing & reaching for everything and anything!  It's especially funny when Daddy is holding you and you grab onto his chest hair...however, it's not so funny in the middle of the night when Mommy's holding you and you grab onto her hair =)  But, you really love to hold onto your toys, which is fun to see!

3.  Everything goes in your mouth...I'm not sure if you're teething, or if it's just that "everything goes into your mouth" infant stage, but everything ends up in your mouth at some point in time: nuks, mommy/daddy's hands, your hands {your personal favorite}, toys, blankets, clothes....pretty much anything you can get your little hands on. 

4.  You're so close to being able to roll over.  You get to your side and then you either stay there, or roll to your back.  One of these days your going to surprise us and we're going to find you on your belly!  You are really good at slamming your legs down and moving yourself, though.  There have been several occasions when we've put you to bed and when we come get you, you're facing the opposite direction; we think you're going to be a mover!!

We look forward to seeing what FIVE months will bring and we're excited to share those moments with you via this blog!  

Mommy & Daddy♥

Friday, April 20, 2012

From Mama to Be, To MAMA...All in 365 Days!

I can't believe a year ago we were finding out we were pregnant.  Even though it's been a year, I can remember that day so vividly.  It was truly one of the greatest moments ever and the start to what's been an amazing journey.  

I looked at my daughter today and couldn't help but think that a year ago, she was as small as the period (.) at the end of this sentence.  And now, she's a beautiful, growing, little girl.  

This past year was a whirlwind of emotions filled with TONS of ups and minimal downs (mostly those 1st trimester "blah's").  Truthfully, our lives have changed {for the better} ever since we found out this little {but very important} nugget of information!  I couldn't be happier; I have a gorgeous & amazing daughter, an over-the-top wonderful husband, and the greatest furbaby EVER!  I certainly am one lucky girl.  

From this....
...to THIS =)

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What the....

Oh lord...things have been crazy, with a capital C this past week.  Last Wednesday, our sweet baby girl got pink eye...in both eyes.  Awesome.  Actually, this Mama didn't really mind getting to skip out on work spending a whole day with her baby!  Yes, I felt really bad that she was "sick", but I really enjoyed our day together.  And, even though she had pink eye, she was really happy & smiley, which made me one happy mama =)  

Then, on Friday the 13th, we took Dafney in for her 4 month appointment.  Thankfully, she is completely healthy.  But, those pesky shots made for one unhappy little girl.  So, I spent the night up with her.  I "slept" in our basement in the recliner with her in my arms.  Truthfully, I didn't mind one bit...I really do love every second I get to spend with her.  

Saturday I was pretty tired from my lack of sleep, so it was nice to not have much on the agenda.  However, I was still fighting a cold I'd had and was trying to ward off the "flu" like symptoms I was noticing (chills, fever, achy body, headache, sore throat).  

Sunday night, our little furbaby was having some problems south of the border, if you get my drift.  She ended up waking us up every 3 hours to go outside and do her thang.  And, since our alarm system is in Dafney's room, it would wake her up every time we went in there to turn the alarm off to let Hannah out.  So, I'd get up to let the dog out and then I'd sit with Dafney for 20-30 minutes.  Let's just say, no-one in our house got much sleep Sunday night.  

Nothing like starting the week off extremely tired.  I made it through work Monday just fine, but was ready to crash by about 7pm that night.  Once I got Dafney to sleep, I jumped into bed myself (I'm finally understanding how IMPORTANT it is to "sleep when baby sleeps").  Dafney hadn't been sleeping great since she started Daycare.  So, imagine my excitement when we put her down at 8pm and didn't hear a peep out of her until 4:30am.  My not-so-great mathematical skills tell me she slept for eight and a half hours straight...yeah, Dafney!  

However, remember how I told you the furbaby was having "tummy troubles", well, they continued Monday night and again she had us up every 2-3 hours.  WHAT THE...Tuesday, Hannah was still having some troubles, so we brought her into the Vet to make sure everything was okay with her.  Thankfully, it's nothing serious - apparently she's been feasting on some rabbit turds...um lovely, Hannah, just lovely.  They gave us some meds and $150 later, we think she's finally on the up and up!  She didn't wake us up once last night AND Dafney slept about 6.25 hours straight.  

Wait, don't cue the signing angels quite yet.  This morning, I woke up with...yep, you guessed it, pink eye.  My oh-so-lovely daughter shared with me!  One of these days, we're ALL bound to feel 100%, right?  

Nothing says family like sharing colds, flu's & eye fungus'!  

I will end with this adorable  {no, I'm not biased at all =)} picture of Dafney!  Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

4 Months Old

I think I say this every time, but I can hardly believe my baby is FOUR months old already.  Seriously, where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday we were finding out we were pregnant.  We took Dafney in on Friday for her four month well visit and bottom line, SHE'S HEALTHY!!  Here are her "stats":

Weight: 11lbs 9oz - 10th percentile
Height - 23.5 inches - 20th percentile
Head Circumference: 15.3 inches - 5th percentile

Yes, we have a teeny, tiny little girl!  She did really well at this appointment.  She did cry when they stabbed her legs gave her the 4 month shots.  Thankfully Kyle was there with me as I can't even stand to watch them give her the shots.  I think her legs were really sore that night because we had a long, rough night.  I slept downstairs with baby girl in my arms because every time I put her in her crib, she would scream.  I felt bad for the sweet girl!  

Thankfully, Saturday morning she was back to her smiley, normal self :)

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing.  It seems like I've been fighting a cold ever since Dafney started Daycare, so it was nice to not have anything on the agenda.  

Happy 4 months to my baby girl!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's for dinner: Kung Pao Chicken

I'm always looking for fun, delicious, easy recipes to try and I found a WINNER with this one.  It's my version of "Kung Pao Chicken"!  This is one of our "go to meals" and has been for the last couple years.  So, I decided I would share this with the blogger world!  Enjoy!

Kung Pao Chicken 
4 Servings

Chicken Marinade Ingredients:
1lb Chicken, cut into 1 inch cubes
3 TBSP Soy Sauce (I use low-sodium soy sauce)
3 TBSP Sherry
2 TBSP Vegetable Oil
2 TBSP Corn Starch

Mix together and let sit for about an hour or so.

Meanwhile, mix the following together and let sit:
3 TBSP Soy Sauce (again, I use low-sodium)
3 TBSP Shery
3 TBSP Red Wine Vinegar
2 TBSP Sugar
2 TBSP Corn Starch

Other ingredients:
1 Red Bell Pepper, sliced
1 Green Bell Pepper, sliced
1 Head of Broccoli cut up into bite size pieces
1TBSP Fresh Ginger, finely chopped
3-4 TBSP Green Onion, diced 
1 TSP Sesame Oil
1 TSP Vegetable Oil
1 TBSP Red Pepper Flakes (**NOTE: we like our food spicy, so you can scale this down to your desired heat level)
1/2 Cup Peanuts 
Brown (or white) rice, cooked (I make enough for 4 servings)

1.  Heat vegetable oil in a WOK and add the red pepper flakes for about 1 minute. 
2.  Add the chicken mixture and stir frequently until chicken is basically cooked through (3-4 minutes).  
3.  Add the ginger and green onions.  Stir for about a minute.  
4.  Add the vegetables.  Stir for about 2 minutes. 
5.  Add the Soy Sauce mixture.  Stir for about a minute. 
6.  Add the Sesame oil and mix for about a minute.  
7.  Serve over rice.  Add peanuts to the dish. 
8.  ENJOY! 

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as my Husband and I do! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Re-Cap

Can you believe that Easter has come and goooone already?  Where does the time go?  Well, this year, Easter was really special for us as it was Dafney's FIRST Easter!  And, even though we know she won't remember it, we did all the Easter-y things with/for her.  

A few weeks ago, we took her to see the {creepy} Easter Bunny.  Since she's so young, she didn't realize how scary that bunny was; therefore, she didn't shed a tear while sitting on its lap.  {next year will probably be a different story}  

We got her a little Easter basket with some Easter goodies in it...some teething rings, an Easter book and Violet, the toy dog.  It's a stuffed animal and it sings/talks, etc., but the cool thing is you can program it to say your child's name and some of their favorite things.  Then it will say their name and sing songs with their name in the song.  How neat is that?!?  She's a bit young to play with it, but I think eventually she's going to love it!  

For Easter, we spent it with my parents at their house.  It was very laid back and super low-key.  It was perfect!  We enjoyed a nice dinner together and we even had Dafney "color" some eggs.  Call me crazy, but I think we have a future artist in the family =) {which she clearly gets from her Father as I don't have an artistic bone in my body}!

All in all, it was a fabulous first Easter with OUR daughter!  Even though she won't remember it, I know I will!  Looking forward to many, many more Easters as well as new Easter traditions for the MacKenzie family!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Our Hospital Stay

Let me start off by saying I'm not a big fan of HOSPITAL'S, let alone having to stay in one for 4 days and 3 nights...not my idea of fun.  However, I will say for the most part, our hospital stay was pleasant...but we could have done without the INCIDENT on our last day.

I will pick up where the birth story left off.  After the fine Dr. put me "back together" after the c-section, I was wheeled into recovery.  The nurses monitored me for about 45 minutes or so.  Thankfully, during that time, I was able to finally hold Dafney!  

The nurse had me try nursing her, but she wasn't interested.  So, I pretty much just stared at my baby girl.  The nurses in the OR and recovery were absolutely AMAZING!  They made what was a scary, unknowing experience really good.  After 45 minutes or so of being in recovery, they wheeled me up to my room.  

I have to say, holding my daughter in my arms while they wheeled me up and passing other people, made me glow.  I kept thinking, "yes, this is my beautiful daughter...feel free to stop and stare" =)  Once we made it to our room, we just kind of sat there and stared at our daughter.  We didn't really know what to do.  

Since I had surgery, I wasn't able to eat anything solid that day (which was okay, because I didn't even feel hungry), but Kyle was really hungry, so he decided to head down to grab some breakfast.  While he was gone, I just remember thinking, "wow, this is our daughter, she's here and she's perfect".  It was starting to sink in that we had a baby!  Once Kyle came back with his breakfast we spent some time just the 3 of us.  

It was perfect.  

I highly recommend doing this...we didn't have to share her with anyone!  About 4 hours after we had Dafney, we decided we were ready to call our parents.  I called my Mom at work first, but they were having phone problems...boo!  So, I called my Dad at work.  Our conversation went a little like this (this is really more so I remember):
Me: Hi Dad
Dad: Hi!  I got your message on Saturday, thanks for the birthday wishes! Sorry I wasn't able to speak with you.
Me: No problem.  Hope you had fun on your trip.
Dad: It was good.  We caught a lot of fish and had a really nice time.
Me: Well, I was just calling to tell you that we had our BABY this morning.
Dad: WHAT?!?!  CONGRATULATIONS!  You don't sound like you had a baby this morning.  You sound really great =)
Me: Thanks!  It was fast...{then I told a very shortened version of the birth story}
Dad: Have you called your Mother yet?  
Me: I tried, but they were having phone difficulties, so I haven't gotten a chance to tell her yet.
Dad: Try calling her again and let me know if you don't get a hold of her.  When can we come visit?
Me: I will call her again and if you don't hear from me, that means I got a hold of her.
Dad: Sounds good!  Thanks for calling!!

So, while I was on the phone with my Dad, my Mom had called and left a message saying she saw I called, but they were having phone problems and to call back when I got a chance.  So, I tried calling her again, but still didn't get through.  So I figured I'd wait 5-10 minutes before calling again.  Finally, I was able to get a hold of her, but (as I figured) my Dad had already called her with the news.  Of course, it was still fun to tell her that our daughter was here.  

We made plans for them to come visit around 1:30 - 2pm that afternoon.  I was beyond excited for them to meet their granddaughter!  I was pretty tired, but found it hard to even think about shutting my eyes.  Really, you want me to take my eyes off of my daughter so I can get some sleep....NONSENSE!  

Kyle was able to call his Dad to tell him the great news and said he'd call his Mom later in the evening (she's a teacher and didn't want to bother her at work).  Not long after we made our phone calls, one of the nurses came in to give Dafney her FIRST bath!  She did a great job (Dafney, not the nurse...although the nurse did do a good job of bathing her).  

Those first few hours, nurses came in every 30 minutes or so to check my blood pressure.  They also put some compression things on my legs to help with the blood flow.  It was so weird to not be able to feel my legs for the better part of the day.  Anyway, it seemed like time stood still while I was waiting for my parents to arrive.  I mean, I was so excited to show off our baby!  

FINALLY around 2pm, my parents showed up.  They brought us some flowers and a balloon and lots of hugs and kisses for baby Dafney!  I'm pretty sure they were smitten from the moment they saw her...just like her mommy and daddy!  

My parents didn't stay too long so we could get some rest.  But, it was fun for them to come visit.  The rest of the night went pretty good.  She had her first poopy diaper!  Poor Kyle had to change it since I wasn't able to get in/out of bed due to the meds from surgery.  Let me tell you though, it was fairly amusing to watch him change his first diaper ever!  And, it was that tar-y type poop so it took him a while =)  

Dafney actually slept pretty well the first night.  They had us getting up every 3 hours to nurse.  But, in between feedings, she slept pretty well.  The next day they had me get out of bed (holy crap was that tiring) to walk around and to get in a shower.  The shower felt really good, but I got the chills afterward and felt like crap.  So, I laid in bed and tried to get some rest in between feeding Dafney.  

By the afternoon I was feeling better and ready to eat some food!  That night my parents stopped in for a quick visit and Kyle's sister & brother-in-law, Shannon and Howard came to visit.  Though I'm not sure if kids are in their future, they looked like naturals!  

That night, we sent Dafney to the nursery (hard to do) for a few hours.  We both felt like we really needed some sleep and it would be best if Dafney was in the nursery.  They would bring her in for feedings, though.  I woke up Thursday morning feeling pretty rested.  

Thursday morning, our friend Alyssa and her daughter Eloise came to visit.  It was fun to see her and show off Dafney!  That night my parents stopped in (they couldn't go a day without seeing her!!) to visit as well as Kyle's sister Michelle and niece Cate.  They loved Dafney and we're pretty sure we found ourselves a great little babysitter!  

Thursday night is when things went downhill =(  The night time nurse came to get Dafney (as they did each night) to weigh her and check her vitals.  When she brought her back, they said she was losing a significant amount of weight and was down from 6lbs 2oz to 5lbs 8oz.  So she wanted me to try pumping so we could feed her via eyedropper.  

She brought in one of their hospital sized pumps and I started pumping.  My milk hadn't really come in yet, so I hardly got anything (which was frustrating).  Keep in mind it was well past mid-night at this point.  So she wanted to me try feeding Dafney and said she'd be back in a while to have me pump again.  

By about 6:00am, I hadn't gotten any sleep, so I asked if they would take Dafney to the nursery so I could get some sleep.  I said I needed to nurse her at 7am and asked them to bring her back then.  I shut my eyes and woke up a bit after 7am.  I figured they would be bringing Dafney back shortly, so I decided to surf the web on my iPod.  

Around 7:30, I started to get a "bad" feeling.  I was going to call the nurse to get Dafney, but my morning nurse had come in to check my vitals.  So I asked if she would go get Dafney for me so I could nurse her.  About 3 minutes later, there was a knock at our door.  It was a Hospital employee, but not a nurse and she wheeled Dafney in and gave her to me.  She asked if my Husband was awake and asked if she could speak to us (panic quickly ensued).  My Husband jumped up and we sat there waiting to hear what she had to say.  She introduced herself as the Director of the floor (I believe) and our conversation went like this:

HER: I need to tell you guys something that happened while your daughter was in the nursery.  We brought her there this morning and she was a little fussy so we put her in the swing (I assumed she was going to tell us that Dafney fell out of the swing).  A while later, the nurse put her in the bassinet and brought her to the room to have her nursed.  Well, the nurse put her in the wrong bassinet and brought her to the WRONG ROOM and that mother breastfed your baby.  
US: WHAT??  What does that even mean?  I don't understand how this could even happen.  {let me just say that each time previous that someone came to take Dafeny, check her vitals, check my vitals, bring me meds, OR bring me food, they ALWAYS asked for the number on my bracelet....it matched Dafney's}.  
HER:   Well, let me start off by apologizing for what happened.  We know it's a lot to take in and we want to help make this as easy for you as possible.
ME THINKING TO MYSELF: What do you mean make this easy...you screwed up royally and I don't understand!
HER: The nurse didn't check to make sure that she brought the baby to the correct room and the other mother didn't notice it wasn't her child until after she was done nursing her.  The other mother then alerted the nurse of the mistake.  We need to check the other mother for HIV and Hepatitis B, so we are running tests as we speak.  
US: WHAT?  (now is when I started crying)  What do you mean...our child could have been exposed to HIV?  What are the odds?
HER:  I feel pretty confident that this mother is clean and the odds are very small.  She explained how they have breast milk banks so it is/can be safe for you to use another person's breastmilk.  
US: So what are the next steps?  
HER: Once we get the results back we will let you know.  The President of the Hospital and some other folks would like to come talk to you in a bit about the whole situation.  Do you have any other questions?
US: No, I guess we'll wait for the results.
HER: Again, I'm very sorry about this situation.  If there is anything we can do, or if you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

The second she left, I felt completely nauseous.  I didn't know what to do, what to think or where we needed to go from here.  I just held Dafney and kissed her about a million times, apologizing for the mistake.  

We of course, started thinking the worst.  We didn't know what to do.  We just couldn't believe this actually happened.  It was surreal and so scary.  It took about THREE hours for them to get the lab results back.  It was probably the longest 3 hours of my life.  

Our pediatrician came in and he said he was aware of the situation.  He was the one to tell us that the other mother's results came back negative and that he was 100% confident that Dafney was in no danger from this situation.  He said that emotionally we would probably have a hard time, but that she was in no harm.  Hearing that was the best thing.  Because, though I was extremely upset with the Hospital and the nurses, I was happy that my daughter was okay.  That was my first and biggest concern!  

Right after the pediatrician left, the President of the Hospital, the Director of Disease Control, Director of the Nursery and someone from Public Relations came in to talk with us.  They told us how sorry they were and that this would be dealt with immediately.  They said that there would be consequences and they would look at their process to see why/where the mistake was  

{hey MORON, I can tell you where the mistake was...your lazy freakin' nurse didn't check the baby and mom's wristband...DUH}.   

Thankfully for the President, the Ped. had just talked with us; otherwise, I think I would have freaked out on the guy.  We expressed that our only concern was for our daughter and that we just couldn't wrap our heads around the fact that this actually happened.  We told him how upset we were and how irresponsible we felt that nurse was.  We told him that our experience with the Hospital was great until that situation happened and that we would probably not ever work with this Hospital again.  

Of course, he was trying to cover his a$$ and gave us some freebies, etc.  Kyle and I are not malicious people and we weren't looking for anything other than the  health of our daughter, but we took what they gave us and tried to put everything behind us.  

I still struggle with the fact that this happened, but I hope that going forward, the Hospital and Nurses do a better job of making sure this doesn't happen ever again!  No parent should be put through that.  

Because of the said event, we weren't able to be discharged until 4:30pm.  I think because of what had happened I was ready to go home and wasn't even scared or nervous about taking Dafeny home.  I just wanted out!  

Anyway, that was our Hospital stay in a nutshell!  Sorry for the looooooonnnnng post!