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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

happy spring!

By the looks & feel of the weather outside, you would never guess today was the first day of SPRING, but it is.  Today is the coldest first day of Spring since 1965.  Awesome.

Since it's all of FIVE {freakin'} degrees out, today, on the first day of Spring, I'll be dreaming of warmer, beachier {it's kind of a word...google it:)}, sunnier places...

Happy Spring!

Friday, March 15, 2013

15 month update

"wanna smell my feet"
I cannot believe that my sweet baby is fifteen {freakin’} months old.  I know I sound like a broken record, but how is it possible that she’s that old already?!  I’ve been having a bit of a hard time with all of this…as in I may have shed some tears the other day just thinking about how fast Dafney is growing up.  

"say WHAT, Mom?"
It all started the other day when Dafney’s daycare teacher informed me that she’d be moving from the infant room to the {GULP} toddler room NEXT MONTH.  It took everything I had to hold back my tears when she told me this.  I know, it’s not the end of the world, but I love, love, LOVE Dafney’s teacher & the infant room.  Neither Dafney nor I do well with change & this is going to be a tough one…for all of us!  She’s at the age where she is starting to understand & realize when things are changing – and she doesn’t respond well.  Though I love seeing her grow & learn new things on a daily basis, I definitely miss those long gone infant days.  My baby is growing up.  The faster I accept this, the better off I’ll be, right?

Does this hat go with my outfit?

We brought her in Wednesday for her 15 month Dr. appointment.  It went well & I really liked the Dr. we had…so much that I think we’ll be using him going forward.  He sat with us for 15-20 minutes talking about Dafney’s eating habits, weight & overall development.  He seemed like he truly cared & wasn’t rushing out the door faster than he entered.  Bottom line, we have a healthy girl.  She is developing normally and her check-up went well.  However, there is some concern with her weight gain.  As in she’s not really gaining much.  Our pediatrician likes to see children gain an average of 4 pounds a year at her age.  She’s on par to gain only 2.  We explained that she’s not a big eater at home.  She’d much rather drink than eat.  

My bottle IS my BFF!
But, our mistake is that we've been giving her a bottle {don’t judge} & she would suck down 21 ounces from the time we got home from daycare to the time she went to bed (about a 4 hour span).  A child at her age should have about 16-20 ounces for a full day’s worth of liquids.  Oops.  So, he recommended that we stop using the bottle & offer her the sippy cup (which she hates).  This way, she probably won’t fill up on milk & will want to eat more solid type foods.  The past couple nights have been a bit rough without her bottle, but we’re trying to stay strong & only offer her the sippy or real food, no matter how many tears WE she sheds.  Hopefully in the end, this will help her weight gain.

I ♥ my daddy!

Here are Dafney's 15 month stats:

Weight – 17.6 pounds (0%)
Height – 29.5 inches (18%)

Dafney’s Likes: walking, playing in her crib, playing with light switches, baths, pushing her “car”, “reading”, perusing the library, pushing the cart at the grocery store, helping with laundry, playing with the remote, dancing & watching cartoons on Saturday mornings!

Oh my gosh...I LOVE pushing the cart!

FINALLY...I get to watch what I want to watch!
 Dafney’s Dislikes: sippy cups, sitting in her highchair, having her diaper changed {this is 50/50} & being held by others

I'm outta here!
Dafney’s new “tricks”: she is walking like a champ – she can now stand up on her own, saying “baby”, “puppy” & “wow” (she will point when she sees a dog or baby & will say the appropriate word…adorable!!)

Taking walks are my favorite!
Other fun Dafney facts: she is wearing mostly 9 month clothes, but does wear some 12 month shirts, she’s absolutely giddy when we take walks, she is very stubborn – she wants what she wants when she wants it!

...so now what, guys?

look...NO HANDS :)