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Saturday, April 21, 2012

4 Things for FOUR Months

Dear Dafney,

I know that you're already FOUR months old, but I thought I'd start a new "feature" to my blog each month featuring x amount of things for x amount of months old you are.  I thought it might be a fun way to document the special, fun, exciting & new things you're doing/liking/hating each month.  I hope that someday, you can look back at this and read all the amazing things you've done over the years!  And this way, we won't forget some of your major milestones in life =)  So, here it goes:

4 things for FOUR months

1.  Your personality is starting to show and it's adorable!  You are very laid back, but you definitely know what you want, when you want it {and you usually get what you want}!  For the most part, you're a very h-a-p-p-y baby and we cherish every {gummy} smile you give us!!

2.  You have discovered that you have HANDS.  You are grabbing & reaching for everything and anything!  It's especially funny when Daddy is holding you and you grab onto his chest hair...however, it's not so funny in the middle of the night when Mommy's holding you and you grab onto her hair =)  But, you really love to hold onto your toys, which is fun to see!

3.  Everything goes in your mouth...I'm not sure if you're teething, or if it's just that "everything goes into your mouth" infant stage, but everything ends up in your mouth at some point in time: nuks, mommy/daddy's hands, your hands {your personal favorite}, toys, blankets, clothes....pretty much anything you can get your little hands on. 

4.  You're so close to being able to roll over.  You get to your side and then you either stay there, or roll to your back.  One of these days your going to surprise us and we're going to find you on your belly!  You are really good at slamming your legs down and moving yourself, though.  There have been several occasions when we've put you to bed and when we come get you, you're facing the opposite direction; we think you're going to be a mover!!

We look forward to seeing what FIVE months will bring and we're excited to share those moments with you via this blog!  

Mommy & Daddy♥

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