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Friday, April 27, 2012

Regrets & Hair Loss?

No, regrets & hair loss are in no way, shape or form related.  Excuse the randomness!

I try not to live my life with many "regrets".  Unfortunately, every now & then, they happen.  I'm proud (?) to say that I only have one real regret since the birth of Dafney.  It's nothing major {okay, in my head it's major, but it's certainly not life or death}.  

BUT, I regret not having newborn pictures of Dafney taken =(  I see all of these ADORABLE pictures of newborns and am so sad that we never did them.  I think I would have done them had I been a tiny bit more organized and had a photographer, etc. lined up prior to Dafney's arrival.  I mean, I was a little busy once Dafney was born....between feedings, snuggle sessions, more feedings and trying to catch up on sleep, pictures weren't exactly on my mind.   

Thankfully we've taken a picture of our sweet baby girl almost every day since she was born.  So, at least she'll have something to look back on =)  However, before another second goes by, I want to capture Dafney's adorable-ness in a professional picture setting!  

Trying to figure out which out of the thousands of photographers to use is the challenge.  I've received a ton of great recommendations - but I can't seem to pick one.  I mean, they all look like they do a great job!  I'm not looking for anything super "pose-y" and would like something very casual.  I don't want to spend my child's future college fund on these pictures, either.  Truthfully, I just want to capture the "real" Dafney....and if they get some with her smiling, great...if not, well, better luck next time, right? 

It's supposed to be crappy this weekend, so I've made it my goal to research, find & contact a photographer.  Any thoughts, comments, or questions I should ask/keep in mind while looking? 

On to hair loss.  UGH!  I've heard that after your pregnancy it can be normal to loose hair, but holy crap, it's coming out by the fist-fulls.  Not cool!  It's gross, but I truly believe I could have knit a whole freakin' wardrobe for myself with all the hair I've lost.  Thankfully I have a fuller head of hair, so it's not showing yet, but if this continues, I may need to invest in some sort of hat or {gulp} wig!  How long does this typically last? 

On those very random notes, have a great weekend! 

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  1. Oh no!!!! The hair loss thing scares me!!!!!! And for the pics.... basically I was torn too. Karl bascially said, "go with this girl I went to high school with." She was $150. Looked at her website. Loved her pics. Sold. I didn't have time to think, so I just did.