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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Day We Found Out

It was April 20th – just another day.  Well, little did we know it was the day our lives would change forever!  It really did start out like a typical day: get up, shower, make lunches, go to work, come home….but, on this particular day, my Husband was nice enough to pick me up from work.  He was talking about his day on the way home, but all I could think about was “hmmm, my boobs seem to hurt more than normal, I wonder if I should take a pregnancy test” {my boobs were sore to the slightest touch, which for me, was weird}.  .

So, we got home and I slipped into the bathroom with one of those nifty little “tests”.  I fumbled trying to get that darn thing open {I swear, they make those things child proof}.  I sat down and did my thang, even though I made a nice mess all over the toilet seat….gross, I know.  I set the test down on the counter-top, cleaned up said mess and washed my hands – I wasn’t really even thinking about the results.  When I finally looked down, I thought  


I grabbed the test and held up to my face…YES, I could definitely see a faint second line.  My heart was beating so fast, I was sure not only my Husband but the whole neighborhood could hear it beating.  

My original plan was to tell my Husband we were expecting in some sort of special way, but since he was home I had to tell him right then…and I really needed confirmation of that beautiful second line.  So, I walked into the bedroom and said “my boobs have been really sore lately, so I decided to take a pregnancy test and I think it’s positive”….he said no-way (in the I don’t want to believe it sort of way).  So I showed him the test.  He quickly said, “I don’t see a second line”, so I gladly shoved it in his face pointed out the second line.  He said, “but the second line is so faint; it’s not as dark as the other one”.  I quickly grabbed one of the TTC books and said, “SEE, it says in my book that even a faint line means you’re PREGNANT”!!  He looked up and said, “well, I guess we’re pregnant”.  

I then demanded politely suggested that we run to Walgreens so I could get one of those fancy digital tests.  I just had to see the word “pregnant” on the test instead of trying to decipher if there really was a second line.  So, we ran (literally) to Walgreens and all I could think was “I’m pregnant”.  When we got home, I had to work up another pee, so I slammed a glass of water and waited anxiously for my bladder to tell me it was ready.  What seemed like hours and hours later (when in reality it was probably 30 minutes), I was ready to go again.  I was so nervous, but managed not to make a mess this time.  The directions said to wait 3 minutes for the results – are you kidding me, they expect me to wait 3 whole minutes, they must be nuts.  I sat there staring at the darn test and about 45 seconds later the word “PREGNANT” showed up.  It was the greatest sight ever!!  

I ran downstairs to show the Hubby; we hugged and just took in the moment.  I was able to get into the Dr.’s the very next afternoon to confirm things.  It was a HUGE relief to hear my Doc say that I was in fact pregnant.  I was only 3 weeks when we found out.   It truly was one of the most memorable days of my life!!  I’m definitely looking forward to the next part of this amazing journey ♥

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