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Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting EXCITED!

As the minutes, days & weeks quickly go by we find ourselves getting more and more excited to meet our baby girl!  I can’t believe that Saturday was the start to our 3rd trimester.  WHOA….where has the time gone?  

The 2nd tri flew by – partly due to the fact that I felt great.  Not to mention all the fun things that came along with the 2nd tri – hearing baby's heartbeat, seeing baby, finding out baby's gender, FEELING baby move…some of the greatest things I’ve experienced in my 31 years here on earth.  

I’m sure the 3rd trimester is going to go even faster; before we know it, we’ll be rocking baby to sleep, changing her diapers, and blissfully staring at how amazing she is!  

We have so many things on our “to-do” list and we’re finally starting to conquer them.  Last week, we did all of our registering.  It was overwhelming, but really fun to start thinking ahead to when baby is really here with us.  Seeing all the cute baby clothes and the teeny-tiny diapers sure helps make the actual “labor” part seem a little bit better (hey, I’ll take whatever I can get at this point…I’m definitely starting to FREAK OUT)!.  

We also majorly cleaned out the baby’s room, picked out paint and taped the room so we can do the actual painting this week.  We’re so close on picking out furniture (it makes it a bit challenging when you have a tiny room and a tiny house)…I’m excited to start getting the room put together so we can think about decorations. 

I’m still feeling really good.  No real complaints.  I can tell that my back & hips hurt quite a bit, but nothing I can’t deal with.  I’ve also been having a harder time sleeping.  I think partly because I have a harder time getting comfortable (especially after numerous bathroom breaks in the middle of the night) and partly because I find myself constantly thinking about all things BABY…my mind just won’t shut off.  Maybe it’s Mother Nature’s discreet way of preparing you for when you really don’t get any sleep at night when baby is here =)  Either way, I feel blessed to have had such a great pregnancy thus far.  If the 3rd trimester and delivery go this well, I will be one VERY happy lady! 

89 days to go….

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