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Monday, October 17, 2011

29 Weeks of Love

We've made it to week 29!  As each week passes, I'm more amazed at the little miracle that's growing inside of me.  She's getting more and more active with each passing day.  I LOVE feeling her little (or not so "little" anymore) kicks, jabs, twists and turns.  The other day, she moved from one side of my belly to the other...the feeling was nothing less than amazing.  Also, baby girl gets the hiccups at least twice a day.  When I get the hiccups I'm usually annoyed, but these are about the cutest, most sweet little things ever!  I absolutely love them!

Last Friday we had our 28 week appointment (somehow, we ended up getting a week behind).  I did the normal: peed in a cup, got on the scale (even though the # I saw was a bit scary...I've officially gained 10 pounds so far), had my blood pressure taken and I got a flu shot.  

We met with another Dr. and she seemed really nice.  It was a very quick visit.  She did the measurements and told me that I have a long torso.  WAIT....what?  Me, a long torso?  I'm {barely} 5'2", so finding out that any part of my body is long was a bit of a surprise.  We also listened to her beautiful little heartbeat ♥...it simply melts my heart to hear it.  

She must not have liked the Dr. pressing down to hear it, because she gave some pretty good kicks...that's our girl =)  Dr. said everything sounded and looked good.  Now we start seeing the Dr. every two weeks.  I still can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone.  Other than not sleeping well, I'm still feeling great!  Hopefully that lasts another 11 weeks!!

We also ordered baby girl's furniture last night!!  It took a lot of research, measuring, and discussing before we finally "pulled the trigger" and bought the crib, changing table and dresser for our little one.  We both LOVE what the furniture looked like online, so hopefully it looks great in her room.  I'm really excited to start getting her room put together and all ready for her arrival.  Slowly things are starting to come together.  I'll post pictures once her room is done (or at least the furniture is in).  

Otherwise, our weekend was jam packed for once.  Usually you can find me and the Hubby vegging out on the couch watching countless hours of TV, sports & movies.  But this past weekend, we hardly did any TV watching {pats on the back for us}!  

Friday night we had a friends wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a gorgeous reception.  I just love weddings!  Everything was perfect, including the happily married couple!  

Saturday, we met up with some friends at the Afton Apple Orchard for some apple & raspberry picking.  It ended up being a gorgeous day and was so nice to spend it with such great company!  We look forward to next year when we'll have our little one with us! We also had dinner with some friends that we hadn't seen in months.  It was wonderful to see them and their adorable little girl.  She's 9 months old and so full of personality!  

Last night we went out for a friend's going away party.  It was great to see him and a couple other friends.  All in all, it was a great weekend even if it was jam packed!  We figure we might as well do all these things now while we're not "tied down" with a baby.  

I'm hopeful that we'll get a few more things done this weekend in preparation for baby's arrival.  We need to desperately clean our back room in our basement, move 2 pieces of furniture out of the baby's room, clean the carpet in the baby's room...the list could go on, but I don't want to overwhelm myself =)  I think that's a good start for this weekend!  

Happy Monday! 

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