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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Class Re-Cap

I can not believe that our 5 weeks of classes are over, done, finitoSeriously, where does the time go?  I think part of the reason it went so fast (or at least it felt like it did) was because the class was awesome!  Our teacher was so energetic and full of knowledge...it was a great balance of fun and learning.  

We learned about: the labor process, carseats, layette products, effective breathing exercises, natural births, medicinal births, c-sections, proper bathing techniques, the "must-haves", swaddling baby, what to expect when we get to the Hospital, what happens after baby is born, dealing with visitors in the Hospital and when we get home, all things safety and so much more.  

I feel so much better about actually giving birth.  I know what my options are and what I can expect with each.  I'm really trying to stay positive and go into this whole thing with an open-mind.  Obviously doing it without drugs would be great {better for Mom and the baby}, but let's be real, giving birth to a human is painful and should be somewhat of an "enjoyable" experience {at least in my opinion}; so, if drugs are needed, I'm all for that too.  

I'm starting to realize that I'm more excited to have this little girl than I am scared.  And, I'm sure in 2 months time, I'll really be ready to meet our little one.  Until that time arrives, we have plenty to do before she arrives.  We'll definitely keep busy; before we know it, she'll be making her appearance into the world!  

Can't wait to meet our baby girl....

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