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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Latte with Leah #4

Hi Friends!  It's time for another Latte with Leah!  You know the drill, grab your favorite drink and settle in :)

~ Last night, I finally made it to the Blue Door Pub with some of my girlfriends.  I'll just say, it was worth the wait!  I've heard about some of their more famous burgers, like their Jiffy burger {burger topped with crunchy PB, bacon, a little mayo and pepper jack cheese} & their Blucy {a burger stuffed with bleu cheese and finely chopped garlic}.

I was a little less adventurous than my girlfriends and opted for the Bangkok Blucy: mozzarella cheese soaked in coconut milk with some pickled veggies on top and a coconut dipping sauce on the side.  

It was amazing and I give it two very enthusiastic thumbs UP! Seriously, give it a try; you won't regret it!

~ Can we talk about the hilarious things that kids, specifically a certain little 2 year old, say?!  I love how honest kids are...unless of course, you're out in public and, let's just say a rather large man walks by and that certain 2 year old says in her very best outdoor voice "OH NO, HE IS SO BIG"...true story.  I quickly thought to myself, I hope he's also very def {horrible thought, I know...and for the record, I obviously didn't really hope he was def}.  Here are a couple more of my favorite things that D's said lately:

  • "I have an itchy butt"...TMI?  Nah, not when you're 2, in fact, I think this is considered to be cute?!
  • When asking Dafney if she needed to go to her room when she wasn't listening to me, she said "no, do you need to go to YOUR room, Mom?"...ugh, someone could have told me the sassy-ness started at 2.  Although, going to my room sans child was highly appealing.
  • We were eating fish the other night and I made one {large} piece for each of us.  Dafney finished hers and asked for more, so I told her I only made one piece for each of us...her response "I'll go call Papa for more fish".  We've had fish many times at Papa's and he never runs out...oops!
  • Dafney was eating the last of her pears and I mentioned that we didn't have anymore {hmm, am I sensing a trend?!} and she said "you & Dad can go to the store to get more, I'll stay with Hannah"  {*Hannah is our dog}.  WHEN is it legal to leave a child home alone?  I'm guessing 2 isn't the magic number?
Seriously, she kills me...she's so funny and her personality has really come through over the past few months!  

What funny things have your kids said lately?

~ This video makes me so happy ♥  Watch it.  Now.

~ I recently made my first {& certainly not last} purchase from The Vintage Pearl.  If you haven't checked out their site, you really should.  I've always admired their adorable pieces and have wanted to order something for a while, so I finally pulled the trigger!

I decided to get something that would have some meaning to me, so I went with a simple necklace with a charm with the letter "d" on it {representing Dafney, obvi}!  I thought about even getting a letter "b" for bean, but thought it might make me too sad.  Maybe some day down the road.  I love the necklace and love that I can wear something that has meaning to me.  

~ I am really, really, really looking forward to having a looonnngg weekend!  We actually have nothing planned this weekend!  We're hoping to get to a new park and a bike ride or 2 and maybe even a picnic, but otherwise, we're just going to spend time together and enjoy the nice weather!  What are your plans?  

Have a fabulous weekend!

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