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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day & Parks Review #1

Happy Monday Tuesday, friends :)  I love having an extra day to hang out with my family and relax.  Although, I didn't lose sight of the real reason we had yesterday off.  I made a point to take some time to think of all those that have {& currently do} serve for our Country.  There are some amazingly brave men & women who risk their lives on a daily basis for us.  Thank you, to those men & women...you're bravery & hard work do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  

We had a really fun weekend!  We spent a lot of time outside and really enjoyed the gorgeous weather!  It's finally getting nice outside...Spring is HERE!

We were able to enjoy some really nice bike rides and even visited 2 new parks!  

Saturday, we visited Pearl Park.  

It's about a 4.5-5 mile bike ride from our house.  And it's a gorgeous one!  The trees were absolutely gorgeous on our bike ride!

I love biking around our neighborhood, lakes and the many trails we have.  I'm not a big fan of actually biking, but I sure do love to check out the scenery :)

The gorgeous-ness makes biking worth while!

The park was awesome, especially from the eyes of a certain little 2.5 year old ;)  There were lots of slides, swings and sand.

 But, Dafney's favorite thing of the whole park was this little hut that had a table and bench on one side and was open on the other.

Seriously, she could have played in this little hut all day!  There's a little bench & table on the other side, so she had us sit there while she "went to the store to get us food".  Kids and their imaginations!

After playing for a while, we had lunch.  Nothing fancy, just some fruit, goldfish and good ole' PB & J's!

On our bike ride home, we took a mini-detour to the Grand Ole Creamery for some dessert!  

We shared a scoop of Cookie Dough Ice Cream.  And it was AMAZING!  It was definitely not your typical DQ soft serve or Ben & Jerry's!  

By the time we made it home, Dafney was fast asleep!  She was ready for a nap and we were ready to relax for a couple hours!

After a much needed nap by all of us, we were back outside!  Since it was so warm out, we decided to set up Dafney's water table that she got from the "Easter Bunny"!  And, just as the "Easter Bunny" suspected, she LOVED it!

Hubby and I ended the wonderful day with a little bonfire!  

Sunday I decided I wanted to try my hand at a breakfast pizza.  It was pretty good, but there will definitely be some tweaking next time {and a recipe for YOU}!

It was the perfect "fuel" for another bike ride and another new park!  This time, we hit up a park in Richfield called Veterans Park.

It was another really nice bike ride and really, really, really nice day!  The only "complaint" I had about this park was that it was not shaded, which in turn made the slides, swings and sand SUPER hot - to the point that Dafney didn't even want to play very long.

But, before things got too hot, she did do a little swinging...

And some climbing...

And balancing...

And running...

And even some sliding...

To her defense, it was pretty toasty out and without any shade, the plastic was HOT!

On our way home, we stopped at one of our favorite local places to eat, 3 Tiers for some lunch!  It's an adorable little cafe and their food is awesome!  It's definitely one of our neighborhood "go-to" places to eat!


And Hers {shared with the Kiddo}:

...followed by LONG naps :)

Monday we decided to take a break from the biking and parks and took a train ride to the Mall of America!  Dafney absolutely LOVED riding the train.  In fact, she cried the whole walk home, begging us to go back to the train :)  I see some more train rides in our very near future!

It was such a fun weekend...I was sad to see it end.  Reality was definitely knocking at the door this morning...UGH!  But, on the bright side, only 4 work days until the weekend!  Hope you all had a great weekend, too!!

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