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Monday, May 19, 2014

Biking, Swinging and Sliding...OH MY!

Happy Monday, Friends!  Hope this finds you all well rested and ready for another week!  This past weekend was really nice! Hubby, Dafney & I spent LOTS of quality time together – totally needed!  Friday morning Dafney woke up complaining about her ear hurting.  Of course, the stellar Mother that I am sent her to school anyway.  Around 11:30, I got a call from Daycare stating she had a slight fever and was just wanting to lay around {so NOT like my child}.  I gladly left work to go pick up my sick baby!  I was able to get her into the Dr. at 1pm.  And, sure enough, she had a pretty bad ear infection.  I felt terrible for not listening & believing her.  Mother.Of.The.Year.  

She was so tired afterwards that she fell asleep on the car ride home and didn't even wake up when I took her out of the car and changed her diaper before laying her down.  She had a really nice nap and woke up happy as can be!  Thankfully she never got a high fever and even better, she was EXCITED to take her medicine {say, what?!}. Seriously, who’s kid is THIS?  We all just rested up & relaxed on Friday night.  

Saturday, we got a bit of late start, but since Dafney was feeling better, we took her to the Children’s Museum for a couple hours. She had such a great time!  

After a much needed nap, we went for a family bike ride down towards the lake to visit the Lake Nokomis Beach/Playground. There is a decent beach and a small playground.  Dafney LOVES going to play at the park, so we try to get there as often as possible.


Sunday was gorgeous!  But, {shame on us} we spent most of the morning/early afternoon inside, cleaning, Skype-ing and baking.  However, after Dafney’s nap, she asked to go to park and we obliged!  We ALL needed to get outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather!  This time we biked to a different neighborhood park.  It was SO much fun!  

Since Dafney LOVES the park so much and we live in an area with so many great bike trails & parks, we decided that this summer, we want to visit a new park every weekend {weather permitting, of course}!  We're excited to try explore some new places and have some quality family time this summer!!

I hope to take loads of pictures and blog about each park!  So check back...especially to those that are in this area &/or plan to visit sometime this summer!

~ xoxo ~

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