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Friday, May 30, 2014

Bakin Friends - MAY

Happy Friday, friends!  It's Bakin Friends reveal day...yeah!  This month's secret ingredient was STRAWBERRIES!  I used to never touch strawberries, but after I got pregnant a couple years ago, I craved them like crazy!  I would eat cartons, yes plural, in a day!  I certainly don't love them like I did when I was pregnant, but they have become a part of my regular diet :)

There is something about their sweet, yet somewhat tart flavor that reminds me of a SUMMER!  

This month's treats were brought to me from Dawn over at Butter and Sprinkles.  She is super sweet and REALLY talented.  She sent me some loaves of Strawberry bread and let me tell you, the second I opened up the package, I could smell the delicious Strawberry!  I literally scarfed down half of one of the loaves right there on the spot.  Don't judge!  The bread was totally moist and oh-so tasty!  

I put the other loaf in the freezer so it wouldn't spoil and will probably bust it out this weekend!  I'm actually surprised it's lasted in the freezer this long...out of sight out of mind, maybe?!  

I apologize for not taking pictures of the packaging {it was totally adorable} or of the 1st loaf in inhaled.  I WILL take pictures of the other loaf and post them along with the recipe, which, of course, I left at home today.  Clearly, I can't function without caffeine in the mornings.  

Thanks again to Dawn for the amazing treats!!

If you'd like to join for JUNE, please send me an email at: leahmarie.mackenzie@gmail.com for details &/or to sign up!  

**Please note the deadline to sign up for JUNE is June 5th; matches will go out on June 6th!**

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