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Thursday, August 2, 2012

{at least} three things Thursday....

It's Thursday...only one more day until the weekend!  I feel like I haven't updated in a while & have a lot to catch up on...so here it goes!

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind for us.  My in-laws {mother, father & brother} were in town.  They don't get into town often {as in this was their first time meeting Dafney...& she's 7 months old}, so it was important to us that we spend as much time with them as possible.  

The Hubs took Wednesday off to spend time with Dafney, his mom, dad, sister, brother & sister-in-law.  They spent the day enjoying each others' company & soaking up time with our sweet baby girl!   

Friday night the whole MacKenzie clan got together at my sister-in-laws for some pizza & games!  Let me start off by saying I was a bit skeptical about how the night would go (there tends to be drama when the whole family gets together...usually for no "good" reason), but we had so much fun - minus the hour long drive in traffic!  We ate pizza, played a rousing game of wiffle / baseball & topped the night off with a competitive game of Pictionary!  And, Dafney did so well!  She was telling stories, playing with her toys & flashing that darling smile of hers to everyone!  She even stayed up & partied with us until 10:45...then she had a major meltdown; that was our que to hit the road ;)

Saturday we, along with my sister-in-laws, threw my brother-in-law & wife a "one year anniversary" party.  They live in Hawaii {jealous} and not many people could make it to their wedding as it was pretty last minute due to a family emergency.  So, we thought this would be a perfect way to get family & friends together & to celebrate their "wedding" / anniversary!  It was a big success, mostly in part to my sister-in-laws who threw one-heck-of-a-party!

It was such a blessing & so much fun to spend so much quality time with our family while they were in town.  And, I'm glad they were finally able to meet Dafney...it's important to us that she know her grandparents, aunts & uncles!  We look forward to their next visit!

Next, remember how I'm doing a triathlon in 10 freaking days...yeah, I may have just fallen out of my chair & bumped my head.  I haven't kept up on the training like I would have liked, but I'm feeling okay.  I was/am most nervous about the bike portion since I'm far from a "biker".  But, my dear friend is letting me borrow her really, ridiculously EXPENSIVE  nice road bike!  I took it out for a test spin & I was absolutely amazed at how much of a difference a road bike made.  It's so much lighter & a million times easier to ride.  If nothing else, it has boosted my confidence for the bike portion of the ride a bit.  My goal is to finish the race as well as have fun!  And, if I do it in a decent time, even better.

My, er, I mean OUR sweet Dafney is 7.5 months old!  I can hardly believe how much she's changed, learned & grown during the past 7 months!  I can definitely see her personality more & more each day.  Let me just say, she's gonna be a little diva :)  

She sits up so well now.  She can usually catch herself when she leans backwards and smiles all the time :)  Her 2 bottom teeth have completely broken through the gums {so much are the days of the "gummy smiles"}.  She loves, loves, loves to play her "piano"!  She'll even move her body to the sounds of the music...it's pretty much ♥ melting!  And, she's curious about everything!  She loves to watch our dog, Hannah & has to touch everything within reach {let the baby-proofing begin}.  She loves to "talk" and thinks it's hilarious to spit her food out...I, on the other hand do not find this so funny!  She's starting to clap her hands & every-now-and-then, she'll wave.  I'm not convinced she understands what she's doing when she waves, but it's pretty precious.  

I am in-love with her more & more each day & can't help but feel completely blessed that she is in our lives!  She makes our hearts swell & brings more joy to us than we could have ever imagined!  Yeah, yeah, enough with the sappy crap...here are some of her latest pictures...enjoy & happy Thursday!

excuse the clarity on these pictures...they were taken on my iPad which doesn't have the best camera

See my teeth?!

7 months old and already has a cell phone :)
all smiles :) :) :)

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