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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the joys of raising an infant!

Now that Dafney is 7 months old, things have been constantly changing.  I swear, she looks different every day & learns something new on a daily basis.  Lately, she's been working on her "sitting" skills.  She's gotten really good at sitting by herself.  Every once in a while, I'll hear my Husband say "timber", which I now know means that Dafney has fallen over :)  She's gotten really good at catching herself though & she would much rather be sitting than laying down.  

She tries so hard to sit up on her own.  It looks like she's doing some sort of amazing Pilates move when she attempts to hoist herself into the sitting position {I swear, that girl has abs of steal}, but she hasn't quite mastered the move yet.  Before I know it, though, she's gonna be able to sit up on her own.  

The poor girl has also started to "cut" teeth.  One of her bottom teeth have officially broken through the gums & if you look ever-so-closely, you can see a little tooth in there!  She's done well, considering how painful her mouth must be.  She has definitely been a bit more fussy, but she's been doing awesome.  I will say, it's heart-wrenching when she makes a high-pitched squeal-y noise & you instantly know it's because her mouth is in pain :(  

The "shirt" sums it up...

Otherwise, things have been going really well.  Dafney loves, loves, loves to be in water; I swear, she's half human, half FISH :)  We let her sit in the bathtub & splash around.  I honestly think she'd sit in there all day if we'd let her {however, it gets a bit boring after the first 5 minutes of watching her splash around}; 20 minutes is about all this Momma can handle!  We also have a little pool that we let her splash around in...she's definitely my kid, she loves water!

Splashing around in her little pool!

Lounging in the "big" pool at Grandma & Grandpa's

I'm still hopeful that she will start to sleep the whole night through in the very.near.future.  I'm not sure what happened; she used to sleep so well - I mean like 9-10 hours at a time.  Now, it seems like she will sleep 3-4 hours on average.  Seriously, I've forgotten what a full night's sleep is anymore {sigh}.  I think I've gotten used to being in a constant state of "tired".  I'm hoping that once her bottom teeth both break through the surface, her mouth won't hurt as much & she'll start sleeping better.  Wishful thinking?!?  Probably.  

I would let her "cry it out" more often, but when I go check on her when she wakes up, she's on her belly & I'm constantly afraid that she'll fall asleep with her face in the mattress.  But, when I turn her over, she's okay for a second & then realizes that no-one picked her up & instantly cries to be held.  It's a total lose-lose situation {actually, it's a win-win situation for Dafney...lucky girl}.  

When is it okay for infants to start sleeping on their bellies?

I wish I weren't so paranoid, but she seems to young to be sleeping on her stomach.  Thoughts?  

Hmm...what else can I bore you with my mother & father in-law are in town & finally got to meet Dafney!  She took to them pretty well.  I give all the credit to the magic that is Skype :)  They've even gotten a chance to babysit her!  Lucky duckies :) She must not have been too bad because they agreed to another babysitting job tomorrow for a couple hours!  Thank-goodness for grandparents!!

Tri-training is still under way {sort-of}.  I may or may not have taken a break from "training" this past week.  Mostly because we were crazy-busy last week & partly because I've been too tired to even think about going for a run, bike ride or swim.  I hope to get back into the swing of things this week...we'll see {if I were YOU, I wouldn't hold my breath!}.  

Whelp, I think that sums up things over at the MacKenzie household!  Life is always "interesting" & I'm sure I'll have lots of Dafney updates in the near future!  

Happy Tuesday!

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