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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i feel like a zombie

I'm tired.  No, exhausted.  Wait, I'm so tired I can't even think of a good word to explain how I feel.  It all started Monday afternoon when I got a call from daycare saying that Dafney had a fever of 100.2 {taken under her arm, which really means 101.2, right?} & that she needed to be picked up.  

So, I raced out of the office to go pick up my poor, sick kiddo.  When I got there, she flashed me a big smile & held her arms out for me to come pick her up...♥♥♥  I chatted with her teacher briefly & she said that she was in a good mood, but got a little crabby this afternoon which is when she started to feel warm.  

When we got home, she just wanted to be held & would cry & cry if she was set down.  Let me just say, it's rather hard to get things done with a child in your arms...thankfully my Husband saved the day & came home fairly early.  We took turns holding Dafney & getting things done around the house.  

By 7pm, she started to look "sick".  Her eyes looked glazed over & she just didn't look well.  So, we attempted to put her to bed.  To our surprise, she wanted to party & watch the Olympics with us.  I figured it was no big deal since I was going to let her sleep in the following day & most likely stay home with her.  

Around 8:30pm she was finally ready to be put down.  When we took her temperature, it was up to 101.8 {my poor baby}.  We've never had to deal with Dafney having a fever, so the Hubs quickly jumped on-line to read up.  We decided to see how she was in the morning.  

She woke up around 2am and I had a hard time getting her back to sleep.  I sat with her & soothed her for about 45 minutes.  I finally got her back down & she woke again around 5:30am.  This time she went right back down & slept in until 8:45am.  When she woke up, I took her temperature & it was 99.0. I thought it was on the down-swing.  She was crabbier than normal throughout the day so we just snuggled together the whole day!

Progressively throughout the day, her fever continued to go up.  By the time we put her to bed it was back up to 100.9...UGH!  She went right down & awoke at 11:40pm...{this is when the fun starts}.  I got up to try to feed her & she would fall asleep in my arms & the second I would lay her down, she would start crying (like that "I'm in pain / something's wrong" kind of cry).  I tried to get her down for about 40 minutes, when I finally decided to sleep on the couch with her in my arms.  Usually this works well, but last night she decided that instead of sleeping, she wanted to play...not exactly what I had in mind at 12:30am.  Every time I would lay her down, she'd try to sit up & she'd "hit" my face until I sat her up.  This went on for about an hour.  When my Husband woke us up this morning, I felt like a zombie.  To make matters worse, we were out of my new favorite iced coffee...

Needless to say, I'll be making a stop tonight to pick up another carton or 12 :)  On the plus side, Dafney didn't have a temperature this morning & I haven't gotten a call from Daycare yet...so, that's good!  I'm hoping for a better night's sleep...I need it, or I may actually turn into a Zombie.  

I'd write more, but I'm tired & my brain isn't working well.  

Here's to a good night's sleep & a refrigerator stocked with lots & lots of caffeine :) :) :)

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