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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things they never tell you....

I feel like I heard so many things about pregnancy and being pregnant, but there are definitely things they never tell you....

  • They never tell you that morning sickness doesn't happen solely in the mornings, it happens all freakin' day.  Whomever made up the term "morning sickness" was totally wrong...it should be changed to "who knows when you're going to be sick, but plan on ALL DAY, EVERY DAY" sickness.
  • They never tell you how constipated you really will be (TMI, sorry).  Seriously, not going #2 for well over a week is just plain wrong.  But apparently it's "normal" when you're pregnant.
  • They never tell you that getting up to pee 3 times a night is also "normal".  I like to think of it as Mother Nature's way of preparing you for the 3+ times a night you'll be up with baby.  At least getting up to pee only takes a minute and you can crawl back into bed....with a crying baby, not so much.
  • They never tell you that not being able to "tolerate foods" means (or at least meant for me) the sheer thought of *fill in the blank* would make me want to vomit right then and there.
  • They never tell you that sleep would literally be your new BEST friend.  I knew you would feel "more tired", but in reality it was like someone made me OD on sleeping medicine for about 12 weeks.  
  • They never tell you that seeing somebody lose (or win, for that matter) on Wheel of Fortune would make you bawl like a baby...gotta love {pregnancy} hormones!
  • They never tell you how amazing it would be to feel your baby kick you for the FIRST time.  It is a feeling I will never forget...it was beyond words WONDERFUL!!
  • They never tell you how fast your pregnancy really goes.  It's still hard for me to believe I'm already in my EIGHTH month of pregnancy.  It feels like just yesterday I was peeing on that little stick.
  • They never tell you that everyone has unsolicited advice to give you...and of course, they think they are always right.   
  • They never tell you that craving something doesn't mean that you'd like to have *fill in the blank* eventually, it means that you want it right then and there...or you might dieSeriously.
  • They never tell you about how you will worry about each and every decision you make...wondering how/if it will affect your little one.  It's enough to make you crazy, but it's just the start - we'll end up worrying about our little ones as long as we live.  
  • They never tell you to make sure you have an abundant amount of pillows around come the 3rd trimester.  Seriously - one for under the belly, one to support your back and one in between your legs...yep, it's true.  It makes for a much more comfortable night's sleep!
  • They never tell you how nice people are to a pregnant lady!  I ride the train and bus to & from work, and I can't tell you how many times, I'll be standing and someone will offer me their seat.  It's nice to know that there are people like this in the world.  And, even at work - if I'm waiting to warm up my lunch, I've had people tell me to go ahead of them because they don't want the "pregnant lady to be hungry".  Seriously...awesomeness!
  • They never tell you how comfortable maternity pants are.  They are about the best pregnancy invention ever!  Is it sad that I'd like to continue wearing them even after I've had the baby?!
  • They never tell you how hard it is to look at Daycare's.  I mean, we haven't even met our little one and we're already looking into places to bring her when she's only 3 short months old (excuse me as I wipe the tears from my eyes).  I already feel like no-one will EVER be good enough to look after my baby, but I know deep down, it has to happen.  I already DREAD the day that we have to drop her off into the care of some stranger...oh my gosh, seriously, I need to wipe these tears away.  It's such a HUGE & SCARY decision, but as {soon-to-be} parents I know we will make the best decision for our baby.
  • They never tell you that the things you're not supposed to eat while pregnant are the things you suddenly CRAVE.  I know that some Dr.'s say it's okay to eat certain foods while others say not to, but the common ones that come to mind are: lunch meats, soft cheeses, any sort of meat that's not fully cooked, cookie dough, etc.  
  • They never tell you how often you really will go to the bathroom each day.  I probably hit up the bathroom at least 15 times a day.  What's worse is that it feels like I've been holding it for hours and then I actually go and it's merely a few drops.  
  • They never tell you that no matter how nervous/scared you are about actually having to give birth, the excitement of meeting your little one totally takes over!  I'm definitely freaking out about the painful contractions/labor part of this whole thing, but just thinking about seeing & meeting our daughter makes me so excited.  I can't wait to hold her and snuggle with her and just see what she looks like (adorable, no doubt =)).  
  • They never tell you what a truly amazing experience pregnancy really is.  Sure, it has it's ups and downs, but it's the greatest thing I've ever done on my 31 years here on Earth.  I feel so blessed to be able to experience this miracle.  The best is yet to come....
Still can't believe that I'm 33 + weeks along.  I have one more 2 week appointment and then I start going every week....ahh, mind blowing!  Really looking forward to meeting our daughter.  It's going to be AMAZING!

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