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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

32 Weeks of LOVE and a Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we are now at 32 weeks!  Seriously, where does the time go?  I can't believe in just a couple months, we'll be holding our sweet, little angel...it's completely mind blowing!  

Things are still going really well.  I'm starting to have a harder time moving around.  It definitely takes me longer to do things such as walking up the stairs, getting dressed & putting on shoes.  However, I'm feeling well and soaking up all of her little kicks, punches, jabs, somersaults and hiccups - because in no time, they'll be gone {even though she'll be doing all that on the outside} and I will certainly miss them!  

We're moving along (albeit slowly) on her room and getting the house ready for her.  I still have a million things on my "to-do" list, but I'm taking it one day at a time.  It doesn't necessarily all have to get done, but I'm hoping to get most of it done (we'll see)!  It's been a bit harder since the Hubby is still hobbling around after his knee surgery.  I've been trying to take care of him, the dog, the house and oh yeah, me & baby, but I can tell it's a bit wearing at times.  But, husband has been working hard on his rehab and is getting around really well.  Hopefully by the time baby arrives, he'll be getting around almost as well as he was pre-surgery.  

The weekend was fairly uneventful...which is definitely a good thing.  Friday morning we had a bit of a mis-hap with our {not so smart} "smart" alarm clock.  The alarm went off at 5:40am {as it does every weekday}...I got up, hopped in the shower and started my morning routine as if it were any other Friday.  I was planning to take Hubby to work as he had a PT appointment at 7am.  

Once I finished up in the bathroom, Husband hopped in the shower.  I went to look at my phone (as I do every morning....man we are creature's of habit) and it said 6:50am....WHOA!!!  All I could think was, "why would my phone jump ahead an hour?"  My initial thought was I messed up the time when I was setting the alarm on in a couple days prior.  So, before I completely freaked out, I went into the kitchen to look at our oven & microwave clock.  

Both said 6:50.  

I just kept thinking: what the heck is going on here?  Why would Kyle change the clocks forward when it wasn't even time for Daylight savings, and we're supposed to "fall behind"?.  Then it hit me, the other clocks were right and our clock had set itself behind....2 days early.  So much for it being a "smart" clock.  

I frantically told Kyle what happened and that it was really almost 7am.  Thankfully, he was able to move his PT appointment back to 7:30am.  We both got ready in about 10 minutes and he made it to his appointment at 7:31am.  Not bad considering the time crunch!  

Well, in our rush to get out of the house, I forgot to take some meat out for dinner, so we went to plan b and headed out to dinner.  I figure we might as well take advantage of that now, while we're child free.  

Saturday my parents so generously offered to come over and help us rake our leaves (it's a bit tricky when one of us is hobbling around on crutches and one of us can barely bend over to put their shoes on).  Our trees have hardly shed any leaves, but we still managed to rake about 10 bags.  After my parents left, I was completely wiped out, so we just laid around, watched TV and were pretty lazy the rest of the day/night.  

Sunday, we did some "indoor" chores and just hung out.  We did head out to Babies R Us and USA Baby in search of a glider/rocking chair for the baby's room, but didn't have much luck.  They both had nice chairs, but the prices were (at least in my opinion) down right outrageous.  Thankfully, we've seen some nice gliders at Target for a fraction of the price.  Gotta love TARGET.  

Anyway, as you can see, we're not the most entertaining people, but I have a feeling that when the baby arrives, we'll have all kinds of fun(ny) stories to share =)

53 days and counting....

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