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Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer Wrap Up

I can’t believe summer is officially over =(  My favorite time of the year is FALL, but it’s just too bad that winter comes after that.  I’m definitely not looking forward to the cold weather and copious amounts of snow.  

Let me just say that summer is a lot different when you’re pregnant.  I had a hard time handling the heat this summer – I pretty much didn’t want to sit out in the sun and heat; instead, I wanted to lay on the couch in the nice, air conditioning =)  I also feel like I wasn’t able to enjoy the longer days.  For a good portion of the summer, I was in bed by 8pm…yes, the sun was still out while I was zonked out.  

I was also unable to enjoy nice, cold, adult beverages.  Thankfully, I didn’t even want any drinks, but that’s always a great part of summer; sitting outside on a nice, warm evening, grilling and drinking an ice cold beer – don’t worry, next summer I will more than make up for it!!

This summer we celebrated our first wedding anniversary♥  We went out and enjoyed a nice breakfast (that was about the only meal that ever sounded good to me during my 1st trimester), I came home and napped and we enjoyed a movie in the evening together.  Nothing crazy, but I was able to spend it with my Husband and that’s really all that mattered to me.  

We also took a trip to Hawaii to celebrate my brother-in-laws wedding.  It was a nice trip and probably one of the last ones we’ll be taking like that for a while.  
We also enjoyed some bon-fires, wonderful get-to-gethers with friends and a lot of time relaxing at home enjoying the “free-time” we still have.  Now that summer’s over, it’s time to really start focusing on all things BABY!  We need to clean out the baby’s room, paint, register, pick-out furniture, decorate, organize our basement and so much more.  I know the time is nearing quickly and I’m in full baby mode!  I can’t believe we’re already at 25 weeks.  It really is amazing how fast things go!

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