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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Double Deuce!

Well, we’ve hit week 22...I can’t believe how fast the 2nd trimester has gone so far.  Baby girl sure is active and I’m loving it!  

The last couple of nights we’ve put headphones on my big ole’ belly and put on some Mozart for her to listen too.  Either she doesn’t like it and she’s trying to get away from the “music” or she loves it and is dancing to the beat (if that’s the case, she definitely takes after her daddy!).  Either way, I love feeling her wiggle around; it’s such an amazing feeling!  

Not much else is news.  I’m starting to look more & more pregnant with each passing day.  I’m feeling really good; unfortunately, sleep is another story.  I just can’t seem to get comfortable at night.  I toss & turn, but nothing seems to “feel right”.  Apparently I’ve been wandering over to my Husband’s side of the bed at night, which doesn’t give him much room – which in turn means neither of us are getting much sleep =(  Therefore, I nap when I can and I love that!  Otherwise, things are going well! 

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  1. I steal the covers all the time in my sleep...when I am sleeping!!! Feeling your pain here!