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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 favorites!

Happy New Year's Eve!  Can you believe we're almost sailing into 2015?  Wowza!  Hope everyone has fun plans for the evening!  I'll be spending it with my family and hoping to stay up until 10 :)  In true blogger fashion, I thought I'd list a few of my favorites from 2014!

Favorite Foods from 2014
My favorite dishes that I made from other blogs!

6.  Raspberry Almond Scones: Two Peas and Their Pod
Seriously, these scones were so tasty and really easy to make.  I love, love, LOVE scones, but hate the time it takes to make them from scratch...but I was able to whip these up in no-time!  Plus, the raspberries & almonds tasted so wonderful together!

5.  Sweet Potato Chicken Curry:  My Recipes
This dish was fantastic and it had the house smelling curry-licous!  It was a little time-intensive, but 100% worth the effort!  Plus, it made plenty for leftovers!  Perfect comfort food and a fan favorite in our house!

4.  No Bake Energy Bites:  Gimme Some Oven
Love these tasty little bites!  Not only are they HEALTHY, they are no-bake and can be whipped up in minutes [my kind of snack]!  Plus, I'm guessing most of you have every ingredient on hand...and if not, substitutions are pretty easy with this recipe!  These are the perfect on-the-go snack!

3.  Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Glaze:  Pioneer Woman
I love the Pioneer Woman...like, seriously!  And, I could sit in front of the television and watch her show for hours on end [that is, if I didn't have a family to take care of].  So, when I saw her make these Cinnamon Rolls, I KNEW I needed them in my life.  They are about as simple as you can get & are the tastiest rolls EVER!  I cut the recipe in half and still came away with 3 delicious pans of rolls! Next time I plan to make a whole batch so I can share with friends & family :)  I suggest you all make these for New Year's Day brunch!

2.  THE BEST M&M Cookies:  Cookies & Cups
As much as I wanted to keep these cookies all to myself, I knew the right thing to do was to share them with you [that is, if you haven't already tried them yourself]!  These are hands down my FAVORITE cookie ever.  They are puffy, chewy, and unbelievably tasty!  I swear, they are a HIT everywhere I take them.  I usually add dark chocolate chips to mine instead of M&M's, but do whatever makes your taste buds happy!

1.  Spicy Sausage Pasta:  Kevin and Amanda
I dream about this pasta.  It is by far my favorite pasta [and quite possibly my favorite meal] ever!  First off, it's a one-pot wonder..score!  Second, prep time takes all of 3 minutes and it's on the table in 20 minutes!  Not to mention, it's loaded with flavor!  If you haven't made this dish yet [shame on you], make it.  NOW.


Favorite Blogs of 2014

5.  Averie Cooks 
Averie's blog is amazing.  Her recipes...amazing.  Her pictures...stunning!  It's a real treat for the eyes & taste buds!  If you haven't checked it out, I highly suggest you do so.  STAT!

4.  Iowa Girl Eats
Let me tell you, Kristin can cook and her step by step pictures & instructions are amazing [and a bit of a lifesaver for a not-so-talented cook like myself]!  Her pictures are beautiful and her kid, well, he's a big ball of cute-ness!  Kristin was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, so everything on her blog [from a few months ago] is completely Gluten Free!

3.  Lauren Conrad
Hey, what do you know, I DO read blogs that don't have everything to do with FOOD :)  I have such a soft spot in my heart for the Laguna Beach & The Hills star, Lauren Conrad. I think she's really down to earth and "real".  I love her fashion sense and her sweet personality.  It's just an overall cute blog!

2.  The Idea Room
Seriously, if only I could be half as crafty as Amy from the Idea Room I'd be a happy girl.  Her ideas, creations & projects blow my mind.  Love this blog and it's my go to for cute crafty ideas!

1.  Peas and Crayons
What can I say, this blog has it all!  Amazing recipes, gorgeous photos & constant hilarity!  Though I love Jenn's recipes, I REALLY love her humor.  She constantly makes me laugh and I'm always SO excited when I see that there's a new Peas & Crayons post for me to dive into!  If you ever have some extra time [I'm jealous], start from the beginning and prepare to be amused!  You're welcome :)

Favorite MacKenzie Memories of 2014

5.  Celebrating a good friend's Nuptials
One of my best, lifelong friends got married this past November and I was lucky enough to be a part of their special day!  It was a complete honor and I had SO much fun!  I love her and her hubby...they are an amazing couple and they're blessed to have found each other!

4.  Dates with the Hubby ♥
Post child, it's certainly a challenge to find the time [& energy] to have special date nights with the Hubby.  But, now that Dafney is a bit older, she does great spending the night at Grandma & Grandpa's; not to mention I'm much more at ease spending a night away from her.  So, we had some date night's this year which were much needed and so much fun!

3.  Moving into our NEW house!
Building a house certainly had it's ups & downs, but our builder was awesome and they helped make the process fairly pain free!  For the most part, I will say I LOVED designing, building & watching the constant progress of our new home.  We were blessed to be able to do such an amazing thing and we absolutely LOVE our new home!

2.  Spending time with loved ones!
We are fortunate that so many of our family & friends live relatively close to us.  This past summer was one of the best of my life!  We hosted friends, family [out of town and nearby] and we even met some new neighbors along the way!  We were certainly reminded how lucky we are and how many wonderful people we have in our lives!

1.  Finding out a little surprise!
Finding out we were expecting another little one was awesome & a bit overwhelming.  After what happened to us in February, I was a bit nervous this time around, but we embraced each day and hoped for the best!  Thankfully, we've had a fabulous [okay, minus the dreadful morning sickness] pregnancy thus far and look forward to meeting baby MacKenzie #2 in April!  Though we know this will change our family dynamic a bit, we are confident that Dafney will be the very BEST big sister! To say we're all delighted about the new baby would be a huge understatement!

With that, I hope that everyone has a wonderful [& safe] New Year's eve and a fabulous start to 2015!  Cheers!

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