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Friday, February 6, 2015

Creating a HOME!

This post might come out of left field a bit, but I was recently was approached by Urban Compass to see if I’d like to write up a “starter story” for a project they are currently running.  And, since we just recently built a home, I was game.  I’ve definitely posted a few posts on the building of our house, but I’m going to focus this post mostly on life after we moved into the house!

It’s hard for me to believe that we’ve been in our house for a YEAR now.  Time certainly flies when you’re living in a wonderful  “dream” house.  And, though this wasn't our first home together, it certainly brought on a whole new meaning to the phrase, Home Sweet Home.

Way back last January, we moved our possessions into our new house.  It was finally time to start making this gorgeous house a home.  I clearly remember the 1st night we spent in our new house.  Other than Dafney’s furniture, we had nothing other than some blankets and an air mattress for us to sleep on.  And, even though we hardly had anything in the house, it felt like a perfect place to call HOME.  All of the hard work, time & money that went into our house seemed so worth it in that very moment.

It didn’t take us long to get ourselves settled in –though it certainly took a lot of hard work.  I think it certainly helped that we went from an 800 square foot house with zero closet space, to something more than double the square footage…there was more room than we knew what to do with, well not really, but we definitely soaked up the fact that we had TWO coat closets, an actual linen closet AND THREE bathrooms! 

The copious amounts of room we finally had was heavenly!

The best part of building a house was that we didn’t have to do anything to the house other than move in & unpack boxes.  We didn’t have to paint, or fix-up anything [which we were definitely thankful for as neither my Husband nor I are overly "handy"].  

We literally just had to make this house OURS...and we have!

The one thing I've learned about making this ours, is that it doesn't matter if your walls are bare, the furniture doesn't match, your kids toys are sprawled everywhere, but rather the memories you have there.  The memories we've made over the past year in our home mean the world to me and are something I will always cherish. Everything from our first night here together, to spending the Holiday's with extended family in our home, to our simple weekend routines and especially the amazing family traditions that are both new and old!

I absolutely love our new house and love that as a family, we have transformed this house into our home sweet home.  We certainly don't have the biggest house, or the most high end appliances, but we certainly have made the very best memories in our first year in the house!

I'm confident that the many years we have left in our home will be just as amazing!  Even though starting over/new can be scary, it can also be COMPLETELY worth it's weight in gold!  

Happy Friday, friends!

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