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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Latte with Leah: #10

Hi Friends, it's time for another edition of Latte with Leah.  Grab your favorite drink and lets dive in!

~ We are just over the 22 week mark in this pregnancy!  Seriously, it's flying by and before I know it, a sweet little squish will be snuggling up in my arms!  I'm feeling really great and am LOVING all the tiny kicks & jabs from inside!  Baby is pretty active, which is perfectly fine with me!  I'm still leaning towards the baby being a girl, but as I said before, I'll be happy no matter what!

~ Can you believe that Christmas is less than 48 hours away?  I have slacked beyond belief this year and am still trying to wrap up my Christmas shopping.  Remind me to never wait until the last minute again...EVER.  I honestly don't think I've ever been this unorganized before.  

~...speaking of being unorganized, did I mention we're hosting my Family on Christmas Day and Kyle's family (all 17 of them) the day after Christmas!?  YIKES!  We finally figured out both menus, now I just need to hit up the grocery store and actually make the food.  'Tis the season, right?!

~ I'm planning to make these for breakfast on Christmas Day.  Wish me luck :)  What's on YOUR Christmas menu this year?

~ Thursday night was spent in the ER with Dafney.  We put her to bed like normal, but right before she laid down she told us she wasn't feeling well.  Being the awesome parents we are, we sort of disregarded her comment and laid her down.  I mean, she's 3...her form of gossip is telling us the latest on who "farted" at school that day.  Anyway, she started to have that horrid "bark" type cough. Hubby thought she sounded weird, so he went in to check on her and she had thrown up everywhere.  So, I went in to comfort her while hubby cleaned up and she started to have a hard time breathing.  So I immediately called the Nurse Line and after a few minutes on the phone with her, she advised us to call 9-1-1.  We decided to drive her in ourselves...{seriously, parents of the freakin' year}.  But as we got downstairs she vomited again and her breathing sounded worse, so we called 9-1-1.  Within minutes a Firetruck had arrived, and miraculously, Dafney's breathing had gotten better.  They may have given us the stink-eye and wanted to call shenanigans on us, but I didn't really care.  The Paramedics arrived a couple minutes later and took it from there.  Dafney did start to have that bark like cough again and after listening to her chest, they advised us to take her into the ER.  So, that's what we did.  We spent about 3 hours in the ER all to have about a 5 minute visit with a doctor {don't even get me started on my ER rant}.  They told us she had Croup, gave her a Steroid medicine and sent us on our way.  Dafney was a trooper and she's on the road to recovery!

~ We are sort of in the process of thinking of baby names and I came across this and it made me chuckle:

Dafney is constantly asking us to sing the "Banana-Fana" song with any and every name she can think of :)

Alright, well I should probably get back to that long laundry list of things to do before Christmas is actually here.  Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday season!  Safe travels!


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