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Friday, September 13, 2013

...and so it starts!

This past week, our "house project" began!  We had a rather large tree in our side yard...well, until yesterday, that is.  The large tree is no longer!

Therefore, we have deemed this the official start to tearing our house down, even though the house won't actually be gone until next Tuesday.  It will be so weird to drive by and see an empty, house-less lot :(  We've had our fair share of problems with this house, but it's been our home and it is sad to say "goodbye" to this house.  

However {isn't there always a "however"?}, I am really looking forward to having a brand new, designed-by-us home!  Though we designed everything {with the help of our builder} and picked out everything for the house, it's a little hard for me to picture what it will all look like when it's complete.  

Our hope is to be into our new home by mid-January!  Here's to hoping the weather cooperates {yeah, this is directed to YOU, Mother Nature}!

I look forward to sharing pictures with you along the way...

But, for now, I will just say: "good bye Casa de MacKenzie...you'll be leaving us with a lot of great memories"!

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