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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

a 21 month post

It's been a while since I posted about Dafney and what she's up to, so I thought I'd better do one!  My Dafney is 21 MONTHS {and 10 days} old already!  I'm in major denial that my sweet, little girl is going to be TWO in a few short months.

Over the past few months, I've noticed so many fun & exciting changes with Dafney.  Back in May, she started in the Toddler room at daycare & I swear she learns something new each day.

*I was going to attempt to do a "21 for 21 months" portion, but I don't have the time want this post to be a novel*

1.  Walk don't RUN, please.  She is on the move and at a fast pace.  The days of walking at a nice leisurely pace are looong gone. Now she runs which gives me a mild heart attack every time!  

2.  Say what?  Let me tell you, the girl LOVES to talk.  65% of the time I have no idea what language she's even speaking, but more & more often, I actually know what she's saying {or trying to anyway}.  She is starting to put small phrases together.  My personal favorite..."hi mommy" {♥ melting}!

3.  ABC, 123!  She is getting so close to knowing a majority of the alphabet.  She has the tune down perfectly & half of the letters correct.  I just can't believe how much she knows!  And, she can also count to TWO.  Yeah, yeah, it's only 2, but I still think she's a sheer genius!

4.  She's got moves!  Let me tell, that girl has MOVES!  She loves to dance & when she hears any sort of music, she will stop pretty much anything she's doing to bust out her moves ;)

5.  Friends!  My baby has friends!  She has a couple of best buds: Hannah & Eloise are the 2 she probably talks about most, but loves to be around any & all children.  She knows pretty much everyone at daycare & asks "where they are" on the weekends :)

6.  She is FUNNY :) - let me tell you, Dafney has a pretty funny personality.  She loves to make people laugh & her laugh {you know, that deep down belly laugh} is enough to make Mr. Scrooge crack a smile :)  Even her daycare teachers tell us that she loves to make them laugh & does a really good job of doing so!  Hmmm, I wonder if this means we have a class clown on our hands!?

7.  Yep, she's STILL clingy!  What can I say, the girl loves me...and I don't blame her I am pretty cool...hardy-har-har!  I love that she wants to spend her every waking moment with me, really, I do, but can someone please reassure me that she'll over come this clingy stage before she hits High School?

What Dafney's lovin': singing {especially row, row, row your boat}, dancing {music in general}, bubbles, playing outside, slides & swings, looking at frogs at night, anything to do with her babies, cars {not real ones yet, thank-fully}, playing tug-of-war with my parent's dog, Maddie, phones, playing in her kitchen, looking at books, water, watching The Mickey Mouse Club, jumping on beds/trampolines, going for walks and of course, being with her family ♥

What Dafney's NOT lovin': eating dinner {actually eating in general}, having her face washed, being told "no", most dogs, having to sit still, wearing pants {hehe}, being without Mom & Dad and being dropped off at daycare!

What Dafney's wearing: she is mostly wearing 18 month shirts/sweaters & jackets.  Most of her pants/shorts are 12 months, but she still fits pretty comfortably in her 9 month pants {except they are a little short}.  18 month pants are WAY to big on her yet. And, she wears 18 month PJ's.  She also wears a size 4-4.5 shoe.  Her feet are still teeny-tiny, but they've grown 2 sizes since May...

{some of} Dafney's favorite words/phrases:  ♥ hi/bye ♥ see you tomorrow ♥ what's that ♥ where's frog ♥ o-toodles {ha, you know what this is if you watch Mickey Mouse} ♥ a phone ♥ a on ♥ baby sad ♥ who's this {as she points to herself} ♥ ride ♥ where's "ryie" {Rylie is the dog that she's totally scared of & we baby sat him a couple months ago} ♥ it hot ♥ water ♥ it rain ♥ it hurt ♥

Well, I guess that sort of sums up Dafney & what she's been up to lately.  She is the sweetest little girl around and I love her to the moon and back!  She is constantly making me laugh and is always bringing a smile to my face!  

I love you, sweet Dafney!


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