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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Red, White & Blue Re-Cap!

I can't believe it's July...and not just July, but JULY 4th.  This year was really fun!  

Dafney let us sleep in until almost 8:15am (thank-you, sweet baby girl)!  Since it's been 100 degrees here in the good ole' Midwest, we weren't sure what we were going to do to celebrate the FOURTH.  But, the Hubby's parents got into town the night before and they hadn't met Dafney yet, so we thought it would be fun to head to his Sister's house for lunch & to see his parents!  It was so much fun for Dafney to finally meet her Grandma & Grandpa Mack; she's only been able to see them via Skype!  

We enjoyed a lovely lunch & some fabulous company before heading over to my parent's place for some {much needed} pool FUN and dinner.  

I wasn't sure how Dafney would do in a "big" pool (much different than her pool), but much to my surprise, she loved it!  I'm fairly certain she's half human, half fish :)  She took to the pool like a natural...

I'm fairly certain she'll be making her {swimming} debut in the 2028 summer Olympics....

She was in the water so long that she became prune-y...that's my kid; she definitely gets her love of water from her Mama :)

She looks sad here, but I swear she LOVED the water!

It was such a fun day and I felt so blessed that we got to spend it with the ones we love ♥  

Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th...  

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