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Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up...Bullet Point Style

How has another weekend come & gone already?  Well, here's my weekend in a nutshell:
  • Dafney still wasn't feeling great come Friday, so I took her to see the Pediatrician Friday morning.  Thankfully nothing major is wrong with her.  Apparently it's not a big deal that she's crapping her pants every 10 minutes...??  The Dr. said she most likely has a virus and it should be gone within TWO freaking WEEKS.  Poor kid.  She actually was acting more like herself over the weekend, so I'm hoping this week we see a turn around with the "messy diapers".  {you're welcome diaper companies for keeping you in business}
  • It was gorgeous this weekend.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  Not to hot, not to cold, not rainy, not windy...plain old perfect.  And we took advantage.  We (and by we, I mean Kyle) did a bunch of yard work.  We pulled a crap-load of weeds, put in some new mulch, finished our garden (for the most part) and mowed the lawn.  The yard is starting to come together nicely.  We have yet to de-weed and mulch the other side of our house, plant a flower garden, repaint the house & garage, stain the fence & patch up some areas in our yard.  Gotta love being a home owner!
  • We hit up this cute, little store called Baby on Grand this weekend.  We had a gift card for Dafney and thought it was time we used it.  We got her a couple books, a fancy new bib & some food storage containers for when I make her "real" food {just what every baby wants, right?}It's this really cute house like store, with all kinds of adorable baby things.  I'd never been & had a very enjoyable first experience there!  
  • That's really all we were up to this past weekend...it's sad that I only have three bullet points :(  This next weekend should be interesting.  We have an "out-of-town" (okay, so it's only an hour away) wedding.  It will be the longest car ride we've taken Dafney on.  This will; however, be her second wedding experience.  I'm hoping it will be more successful than the first one...or if nothing else, that the ceremony will be shorter :)  It's a family wedding, so I'm sure we'll play a rousing game of "pass the baby" all night.  I'm hoping she won't have any major meltdowns, doesn't crap her pants before people at least get to see her in her pretty dress and we get at least one cute-sy family photo in before the night's over!  I'm not asking too much, right?  
Hope everyone's June is off to a great start!   

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