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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Showered With Love - The FAMILY Edition

Disclaimer - I meant to post this a long time ago (like before Thanksgiving), but I clearly slacked...

This past weekend we had our combined family shower and all I can say is it was AMAZING!  We felt so blessed and loved after the shower.  

My sister and Mom threw us the shower and they did such a fabulous job.  The place was decorated adorably, they made the cutest diaper cake and had a delicious spread of food.  Aunts, cousins, sisters and nieces came from all over the area...even through the FIRST SNOW of the year - how awesome (that our family still made the trip, not the snow)!!  

We also received a ton of amazing gifts - including: car seat, extra base, pack-n-play, onesies, sleep sacks, the most adorable boots EVER, hairbands, bath-tub, bath toys, towels, burp rags, baby monitors, adorable outfits, wipes, nuks, memory books, bouncy seat, crib sheets, tons and tons of toys, teeny-tiny socks, bottles, bottle cleaners, car seat cover (since we live in a cold climate 9 months out of the year), mittens, baby Bjorn and a breast feeding cover (I'm sure I missed something).  

Like I said, we felt blessed!  We are truly so lucky to have such amazing family ♥

Delicious Dessert

Diaper Cake...LOVED it!

Gifts for the guests - Bath & Body Works sanitizers inside baby socks

Yummy Treats

34 Weeks
Thanks again to our family, especially my Mom and Sister for making this shower so special for us and our baby girl!

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  1. YAY!!! A bump pic!!! You look ahhhh-mazing!!!!!!!!!!