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Thursday, December 8, 2011

36 (and a half) Weeks of Love

Can you believe I'm almost considered "full term"!?!  How did that happen?  I'm still amazed at how fast these past few months have gone by.  And to think, next week will already be the middle of December.  Yesterday I started the first of my weekly doctor visits.  

Yep, you know, the ones where they get up-close and personal with your nether regions.  

I did the normal: peed in a cup, stood on the scale (I'm up 16.5 lbs...yikes!), take your blood pressure taken, measure your stomach, hear the heartbeat ♥ (my personal favorite) and then....they checked to see if I was dilated.  I have to admit, I was sort of excited to see (not literally, thank-fully) if anything was going on, um, down there, but when she actually went in to check, I thought,  

HOLY CRAP...this hurts (okay, maybe not hurt, but was VERY uncomfortable) how am I ever going to get through the actual labor part.  

In retrospect {to labor, that is} I'm sure that it was nothing, but I certainly don't look forward to having that done every week.  She told me that I was about 2cm dilated...what does that mean?  Nothing, really.  My body is starting to prep itself for labor (super exciting and scary all at once), but it could happen today, or in 4 weeks...no-one really knows.  

I'm still feeling pretty good.  Sleeping is rough.  Either I can't get comfortable, or my mind is constantly thinking about: contractions, labor, what we still might need for baby, packing our bag, etc.  I swear, it never shuts off!  Otherwise, I have no real complaints.  I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy all while relaxing and {trying to} taking to take it easy.  

23 days and counting....

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  1. OMG! You have only gained 16.5 pounds!?!??!?!?! I think I already hit that and I'm only at 21 weeks!!!! This is sooo exciting though!!!!!!!!!! 2 cm!!! YAY!!!