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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Latte with Leah #6

Hi Friends!  It’s time to grab your favorite coffee& listening ears {ha, if you have a kid, you totally use this saying 100 times a day…admit it.  Please.}…let’s begin, shall we?!

~ Exciting news…I recently joined my friend Christie in her new beach body challenge!  Seriously, I am PUMPED!  It’s sort of pricey, but I am hoping it will be the motivation that I need right now to work-out and get back into shape!  If you know Christie, you know she’ll be the PERFECT beach body coach: healthy, motivating and FULL of energy and positive vibes!  I hope to update often on my challenge successes {ßsee positive attitude} so check back! 

~ I’ve recently given up getting Starbucks in the morning’s.  Ugh, it breaks my heart, but I know going everyday was not a fiscally responsible decision…$4 a day will surely add to the savings account!  If you see me and I seem out of it, you’ll know why.  I apologize in advance.

~ Seriously, this is not only brilliant, it completely blows my mind!  I’d probably end up losing a finger.

This is on my list of things to stuff in my face!

~ We finally have grass!  And some plants.  The house really feels like a HOME now and we absolutely LOVE it!  Building has truly been one of the best decisions ever!

~ I just finished up 2nd book in the Maze Runner series, The Scorch Trials.  Loved it.  Easy read and it totally sucks you in.  I’m on the waiting list for the 3rd book…I can’t wait to read it!  What are some of your favorite reads lately?

~ One of my new favorite songs!

~ I love, love, LOVE Farmer's Markets!  Nothing better than fresh and healthy fruits & veggies!  Oh, and gorgeous flowers!

So, if we were actually having coffee together, what would YOU tell me?

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  1. Well, first I would tell you that you're going to ROCK this Challenge Group! You are!!!!! It seems like a big investment but I think it'll be totally worth it. I can't wait to see you SHINE! Secondly, I would tell you I LOVE the grass in your yard! YAY! I know how NICE this is to have. Third, I'd love to hear how things go with making your own coffee versus buying it and the changes you notice. It's AMAZING the amount of money you save! Lastly, I need to check out this Maze Runners series book you speak of! I'd ask you what it's about, but now I"m going to Google:)