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Monday, July 28, 2014

3 strikes you're out?!

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted to get in the car and drive.  Far away.  By yourself.  That’s the day I’m having.  

Sadly, it’s the kind of day I’ve been having for a while now.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE my time with my daughter & Husband – it’s the other 75% of my time where I’m miserable.  I dread Monday mornings…like to the point where I even cry on my way into work.  My stomach forms ridiculous “knots” and I’ve been having some crazy headaches.  And, why?  Because I’ve just about had it with my job.  I just feel so “stuck”.  I’ve been in the Accounting field the whole life of my career.  I’m not even sure why – I mean, I hate math and numbers just don’t make sense to me, but it sort of  “fell into my lap” after I graduated from college.  I was young and it was a real job.  So I took it.  I should have known it was a big mistake.  I was unhappy from day 1.  But, I kept at it.  I worked hard and figured I’d just “get used” to my career choice.  Since, I’ve simply shuffled from one crappy Accounting job to another. 

Lately, though, it’s unbearable.  I need to get out of this funk and career.  ASAP.  I’m constantly irritated when I’m at work {& even when I’m not…I tend to carry this with me at home} and I can tell my health just isn’t where it should be.  Too much {un-needed} stress.  Things have to change.  So, why not just make that change, you ask?  If only it were truly that easy.  My ultimate goal is to make my way into the Communications field or my dream job of being an Editor.  However, I don’t have a communications/journalism/marketing degree – strike 1.  And, though every job as well as  in our daily lives, require constant communicating, I have no formal experience – strike2.  The only thing I might qualify for are entry level jobs and those are usually earmarked for new Graduates – strike 3. 

Hmm…3 strikes.  You’re out?  I hope not.

I even reached out to a friend of a friend {don’t you love those} and asked about getting into communication type roles and she basically said the best thing is experience and taking some college courses to gain the communication skill/background.  Oh and then she said “there is no easy way to get into communications, especially if you have any interest in making a salary over roughly $30K, as most entry level communications positions are really just grunt work”.  Outstanding. 

So, where does one go from here?  I guess it’s all about networking, knowing the right people and keeping track of any & all aspects of my job that would highlight my communication skills.  I’m not ruling out taking a pay-cut, but it has to be for the right job.  Something that interests me and makes ME happy. 

Have you ever wanted to or made a career change?  How did you go about it?  Tips?  Words of advice/wisdom?  I’ll take anything at this point!

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