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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Latte with Leah

I’d like to start a new weekly post: Latte with Leah {really creative, I know} – which is for me to capture all those random thoughts that are running a million miles an hour through my head.  You know, the ones that I don’t want to write a whole post about.  So grab a chair and your grande, non-fat, extra-hot, half-calf, no foam Caramel Macchiato {& you thought I wasn't high maintenance} or your favorite morning beverage and lets get started!

I can’t believe how fast my daughter is growing up.  It makes me sad and almost brought me to tears this morning.  It seems like just overnight she became this 2 year old going on 14.  The mornings have become more of a battle with her.  I know that 6am is early and that she’s tired, but she just screams to go back to bed.  And, picking out her clothes in the morning is a thing of the past.  She will kick & scream until she picks out the pants & shirt that SHE wants to wear.  Of course, most of the time it doesn’t match.  Orange shirt & red pants, polka dots & stripes, a nice top with sweatpants…um, they’re all acceptable to wear when you’re 2.  Right? 

 This weather we’re having up here in MN is starting to get a bit ridiculous.  Not only are the temps 15-20 degrees below the norm, they are predicting a considerable amount of SNOW tomorrow afternoon.  NO!  Absolutely not!  UNACCEPTABLE.  I think that Mother Nature really needs to get the memo and realize that it’s officially Spring. 

 The Hubby & I have been getting up early and working out.  Currently we’re really into Jillian Michael’s: Ripped in 30.  I’ve been doing this for almost 30 days and I’m certainly not ripped, but I’m definitely starting to feel more in shape.  Sometimes it’s hard to wake up so early, but I feel better knowing my workout for the day is done and I even find that I have more energy. 

Now that I’m starting to morph this blog & incorporating foodie type posts, what’s your advice on ramping up my # of readers?  I personally follow AND read a bunch of foodie {& other} blogs, but I’m not sure how to ramp up my blog.  Thoughts?  

I think wraps up this edition of Latte with Leah. Hope you come back for another chat soon!

Happy Wednesday!! 

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