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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy {very belated} Easter!  I hope you all were able to spend the gorgeous day with the ones you ♥LOVE♥!  We had such a nice, low-key day!  

However, lets back-track a minute...last weekend started the Easter festivities!  We went to a neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  Dafney had a blast "hunting" for eggs and she was beyond excited to see the candy inside each egg!

We even spotted the Easter Bunny!  And, because we're those parents, we forced tried to get her to sit with the Easter Bunny.  Clearly it went well :)

She wanted absolutely nothing to do with the bunny...even while sitting on my lap.  Oh well, we tried.  Maybe next year?

She did flash a quick wave goodbye to the bunny...all while sobbing hysterically :)

During the week, we were able to find some time for Dafney to color some Easter eggs.  She was so excited to do it "by herself"!  

She really had a good time coloring the eggs this year and was able to do it with little to no help from us.  

And her eggs even turned out really nice!  She's pretty much a professional :)

We spent Easter with my parents, sister & brother-in-law on Saturday.  We enjoyed delicious food, wonderful conversation and of course, we all enjoyed watching Dafney be her goofy self!

Dafney thought it was so great that the Easter Bunny visited Grandma & Papa's house to leave her eggs to find and all sorts of presents!

And of course, the Easter Bunny stopped by casa de MacKenzie, too!  I had SO much fun playing "Easter bunny"...

...even more, though, I LOVED watching her get all excited about finding her Easter eggs!  Since she's only 2, we didn't hide them in ridiculously hard spots, but she still had fun trying to find them!

I spy with my little eye...

She was one happy little girl!

And, the weather was AMAZING on Sunday, so we were able to get outside and take a couple family photos!

...and some of the sweetest little girl around town :)

After brunch and a family photo shoot, we went to the Zoo.  It was an absolutely wonderful day to spend outside and we totally took advantage!  The one animal Dafney really wanted to see was the Giraffe {don't ask me why}.  But, of course, the second we got in to see them, she got really scared and had to be held.  She did think it was neat that they had such LONG necks!

She was also very fascinated with the Zebra until it made a "loud noise".  Then she was done with them.  However, she reminded us how loud the Zebra was the rest of the day!

Dafney even spent some time pondering life :)

It was a fabulous day and I felt so blessed that I was able to spend it with the ones I love!  I hope you all had a fun Easter/weekend, too!

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  1. These are SO great! Love the photos. I LOVE HER SMILE!