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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

life is good!

Even though the ever-so-dreaded *snow* is supposed to start falling any second now, today has been a good day!

My day started with breakfast {as it normally does}, but today I was able to have breakfast in our neighborhood coffee shop WITH my hubby!  I enjoyed a Latte and the tastiest cherry pastry in town!

Afterwards, we went to the house for our electrical walk through. Hard to believe we're already to that point...we went through each room to ensure we had the electrical outlets, switches, lights & TV/internet cables where we wanted.  It has been so much fun seeing the progress the "guys" are making each week.  So far this week, they have shingled the roof AND put in our windows...

It's really starting to come together and look like a real house!  In fact, we even have a bathtub inside the house :)

It was a lot of fun to see all the people actually working on the house...it's good to know that they are "real" people and not little house elves that work on the house each day :)

And, we even have a sidewalk & stairs in the front of the house...progress, people, progress!

And to top off the day, I got back pictures from when we finally had some family pictures taken!  My friend was kind enough to take pictures for us and she did an amazing job!  We received 120+ pictures...{don't worry, I'm not planning to post ALL 120+ pictures on this blog} & here are a couple of my favorite!

Happy Tuesday ♥

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