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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween + Bakin' Friends {a picture-less post...say WHAT?}

Happy {day after} Halloween!  It's hard to believe that Halloween has already come & gone.  Time seems to flying by faster & faster every day.  This year, Halloween seemed extra special to me.  No, it wasn't Dafney's first Halloween, but it was the first Halloween where she actually went out trick-or-treating!  It was so fun to see her sweet {duck} face light up when those sweet treats were handed to her.  

We were lucky enough to celebrate Halloween a couple times this month!  Last weekend, we took Dafney to the local Middle School for some trick-or-treating FUN!  They had games, treats, bouncy houses & even a Haunted House.  The games were a bit tough for a {nearly} 2 year old, but she definitely scored some treats!  And, she even humored us & went through the Haunted House with us.  I was worried I would traumatize her forever, but it was just scary enough for a child & it only took us about a minute to walk through.  Hooray!

Then we celebrated with some of our friends & their adorable kiddos!  All the kids enjoyed themselves as did the adults :)  

Last night, instead of heading out into the dark, cold night, we decided to take Dafney to one of the local Malls to do her trick-or-treating!  She had so much fun and looked so cute ;)  Her favorite part of the day might have been when we gave her a fun-size bag of M&M's to enjoy.  Halloween + sweets = one energetic kid!

Speaking of treats...I participated in STEPH'S Bakin' Friends again this month!  I really enjoy meeting other bloggers {& non-bloggers} as well as being able to spend some quality time in the kitchen! This month our secret ingredient was CANDY CORN.  A perfect ingredient for some Halloween baking!  I received treats from Catherine this month!  She sent some delicious white chocolate-candy corn cookies {amazing} and some candy-corn covered popcorn.  Seriously popcorn is one of my favorite snacks and then to have it smothered in candy corn...whoa, beyond amazing!  The treats were totally amazing, so THANK-YOU Catherine!

If you're interested, stop over at Steph's blog {believe me, you'll be happy you did} for all the baking details!

Happy Friday!

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