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Monday, November 25, 2013

#Elf4Health: Day 1

Happy Monday blogg-y friends!  And maybe more importantly, "HAPPY 1st DAY OF #ELF4HEALTH"!  What is #Elf4Health?  Well, have a seat and let me tell you all about :)

What is #Elf4Health?
#Elf4Health is this great program that Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean and Elle over at Nutritionella started.  Over 800 people have joined - which is totally mind-blowing to me!  The prgram is 4 weeks and each week there are daily challenges + amazing prizes!  Each person is paired up and they are each other's "ELF" for 2 weeks {you switch partners half way through}.  

What does it mean to be an #Elf?
Your "elf" is the person that will provide you with inspiration for the daily challenges, recipe ideas, new workouts and to help you be an all around HEALTHIER YOU.  Doesn't that sound like FUN!?!

Did you say "prizes"?
Sure did :)  Lindsay & Elle are on the lookout for Best Elf {2 winners} and Overall challenge winner...as if becoming a healthier you wasn't incentive enough!  Check out their websites to see a list of all the Sponsors!

Since today was day 1, I was beyond excited to send {& receive} an email from my Elf!  Can you believe that she also lives in MN?  After receiving her email, it became pretty apparent that we have a lot of similar lifestyles.  I am excited to continue to learn more from her as well as share my inspiration & other fun things with her!  

Today's Challenge?
Meatless Monday!  That's right, forego the meat and substitute it with veggies, fish, pasta...get creative!  I will share what my elf makes as well as what I cook up!  

...also I have some really exciting news coming at you in the next few days!  

With that, I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to the BIG Thanksgiving Holiday!

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