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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

better late than never...

...or something to that affect :)

I meant to post this when Dafney turned 9 months, but had my hands full with a sick baby :(  Nothing is worse than a sick child.  NOTHING.  It's heartbreaking & time consuming.  But, after 5 straight days of cuddling & shoving medicine down her throat medicine, she finally started feeling better.

Here were her 9 month stats:
    • Weight - 14lbs 12oz = 1%
    • Height - 28 inches (I swear this is the most inaccurate measuring EVER) = 66%
    • Clothes - She's starting to fit comfortably into her 6 months clothes, but can still wear her 3 month onesies.  9 month pants literally fall off of her, but her 6 month pants are almost too short...
    • Diapers - size 2 {and not moving up anytime soon} 
Dafney also started swimming lessons last week.  I was certain {a Mother always knows, right?...wrong} that she would love them.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Swimming lessons - 1, Dafney - 0

It went something like this:

We had directions to get the pool.  We pulled up with about 3 minutes to spare, went to the front door and they were locked.  After yelling at my husband  telling my Husband that we should have left he house earlier like I suggested, we figured we'd have to try another door.  So, we went in search of another door...on the other side of the freakin' building.  We found the pool.  Dafney & I quickly joined the other babies, toddlers & parents in the water.  

Now, when I took swimming lessons when I was kid {which was a long, long time ago}, I remember how nice and warm the water was.  So, I figured the water for sure would feel like I was taking a bath.  Wrong again.  It was, um, shall we say *a bit nipply*?  

We got into a circle sang a couple songs and dunked the kids under water {insert evil laugh here...muahahaha}.  Dafney doesn't really mind getting her face wet, but when the water is cold, it's not so fun.  Then we practiced "puppy paws" or what is also known as "doggie paddle".  Of course, Dafney barely knows she has hands, so it was basically me just walking with her belly in the water & her looking at me with her lips ever so slightly blue with the "when the eff are we getting out of this freakin' water" look on her face.  

Then, we sat/stood the kids up on the side of the pool and they practiced jumping in the water.  It was fun for about 3.2 seconds...then it got {c}old{er}.  The last 7-8 minutes or so was set aside for "free time" {*just a thought, during swimming LESSONS maybe they should do a little more teaching & a little less "free time"...just saying}.  By this point, not only were Dafney's lips blue, but her body was shaking from being so cold.  So, the freakin' awesome mom I am got her out of the water & into a big ole' towel.  

98.6% of the lesson was spent in tears {her, not me :)}.  Poor kid.

I thought I'd put her under some warm water in the shower.  Third strike.  The water in the shower was about as cold as the pool water...{sigh}.  So I quickly changed Dafney into some warm clothes & we were on our way.

Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to tonight's lesson.  I pray that the water will be warm{er}.  I'm not holding my breath, though!  

 happy Tuesday, friends ♥

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