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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

smartphone vs. the not-so-smart phone

Hi Friends!  Happy Wednesday {or as one of my co-worker's says "Happy Humper Day"}

My wonderfully amazing Husband {um, I wonder if he even reads my posts?} works at a place that rhymes with "shmarget" ;) and they get a poll sort of question each week.  This week it was:

What part of your life could use an upgrade?
  •  My cell phone
  • My car
  •  My organizational style
  • My wardrobe
  • My home 
  • My social life
  • No need to upgrade anything!  I am on the cutting edge. 
My husband thought he knew what I'd say & I thought I knew what he'd say.  My answer was my cell phone {he guessed correctly}.  He answered my home {I guessed correctly}.  Neither are shocking. {**Is it really sad that all those answers are things that need upgrading in my life??}

I've wanted a new cell phone for a while now.  We don't  have *smartphones* {yes, you may gasp in horror} because we never really wanted to spend oodles & oodles of {somewhat} hard earned money each month.  The phones we currently have are "meh".  Certainly nothing special, but functional (most the time).  But, we're eligible to upgrade...and that's exactly what I want to do!  Now the question is: do we UPGRADE upgrade & get smartphones, or do we continue to live under rocks & stick with the plain Jane, no interwebs, cheap monthly rate phones?  

This is probably where my Husband & I might have to "agree to disagree".  He's frugal smart.  Especially when it comes to finances.  He knows that it probably doesn't make sense to pay money to use the interwebs on a phone, especially since we have internet at home.  But, I wouldn't mind leaping into 2012 & joining in on the smartphone craze.  I guess I see pros & cons to having one.  Obviously it costs a lot more {major con}.  But, on the flip side, it would come in handy when we're lost & need some directions.  Or, if a road is closed & you need an alternative route in an unfamiliar area.  I know, I'm probably not being smart, but I'm human.  I want what everyone else has!    

Regardless, I want a phone that if nothing else has a decent camera.  I don't often have my camera with me & it would be nice to have a phone that would take decent pictures, since I always have my phone on me.  Any phone recommendations?  Smart or the plain Jane type?  

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday!

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