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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daycare Dilemma

I can't believe that in 5 weeks, we're supposed to drop our precious daughter off at Daycare.  Ugh, the thought of that makes me sick to my stomach.  I know that most people with children do this everyday, but the thought of my baby going to daycare is hard to swallow. 

 I've looked at 3 daycare centers {we decided to completely rule out home daycares} and not one of them seems good enough for my sweet baby girl.  I'm sure they are all good places, but the only thing I could think when I was meeting with each was "you're not good enough to watch after MY child".  

But, lets face it, I don't think any parent feels anyone is ever good enough to watch after their child...right?  Maybe I'm being over dramatic about this HUGE decision, but I can't help myself.  I mean, my daughter can't defend herself nor can she tell us if something is "not quite right" at daycare.  It's hard to put your baby in the hands of a complete stranger.  

Maybe I was completely naive when I started looking at daycares, but I had a totally different vision of what an "acceptable" daycare looked like (at least "acceptable" in my mind).  None of the places we've looked at have "state of the art" buildings...in fact, none of them really gave me that "warm, cozy" feeling.  None of the people seemed like they were qualified enough to take care of my baby.  None of them seemed like the "right" place.  I just left each place feeling confused.  

What should you feel when leaving a daycare?  When you find the right one, will you know it?  Will there ever be a place that is "perfect"?  Is anyone ever good enough to watch your baby?  Are my standards to high?  Am I over thinking this?  The unanswered questions, doubts and fears are endless...these are the times I wish someone could tell me what to do.  The pressure of making sure I pick the right place is weighing heavily on me.  I'm stressed beyond belief.  What did you look for when choosing a daycare?  What are some important questions to ask?  


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  1. Frick. This is going to be me. I know it. I don't have much advice other than I've heard you'll just know in your gut... I hope that's true.