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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some of our Favorites!

Okay, so I don’t claim to know much about babies or baby gear, but I thought I’d write a post about some of our favorite {and not so favorite} baby items.  I am in no way being compensated for writing about any of the following products; they are merely my opinion =)  These are items we either received as gifts or bought on our own.  Enjoy!

Yes, I said heating pad…you know, the kind you use for all those pesky aches and pains; especially those 3rd trimester aches =)  But, we found another great use for the good ole heating pad.  We use it to warm up Dafney’s crib mattress (or at least the part that it actually covers) at night.  We put it in her crib before she feeds and then when we’re ready to put her down, her mattress is nice and toasty.  It makes for a happy {warm} baby and VERY happy parents!  So, all you “parents-to-be”, I suggest getting a heating pad if you don’t have one already…it’s darn near magical!!

Bath time…oh boy it was rough for the first few baths we gave Dafney.  She would SCREAM (and I mean so loud the neighbors probably wondered what the heck we were doing to our child) when we put her in the water.  We registered for the white hot duck which was supposed to tell us if the water was too hot.  

We would fill up the sink with water and put the duck in, only to have it tell us that the water was “HOT”, so we would add more cold water.  I kept thinking it felt too cold, but the duck said differently.  Well, some friends of ours told us about this turtle thermometer they found at Babies R Us (can be found at other places, too).  They told us it worked much better than the duck.  So, we picked one up and LOVED it!  

Basically it tells you the temperature of the water and it shows a green light if the water is “just right”, a red light if it’s too hot and a yellow light if it’s too cold.  The ideal water temperature is between 93 and 97 degrees. ..let me tell you, the water felt great and Dafney didn’t cry; in fact, I think she may have enjoyed her bath.  I swear, the water that the duck claimed was too hot, was probably in the mid 80’s…BURR, poor kid!  Bottom line, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the turtle!

What I don't recommend....

What I DO recommend... 

While we’re talking about bath time, I wanted to mention this great shampoo rinser.  We wouldn’t have thought of this (at least not this specific item) for bath time, but it works great!  It’s soft and flexible so when you put it against baby’s head, it conforms to their head and doesn’t hurt them.  I really love this item and am thankful that we received this for a shower gift.  And, this will make a great bath toy someday!


Like many women, it was important to me to breast feed our child.  With that, you need nursing pads…trust me, it’s not fun to leak everywhere.  As one of our shower gifts, I received Lansinoh disposable nursing pads.  Let me say, I loved them!  They stayed in place and were really absorbent, so when I ran out, I grabbed another brand of nursing pads – BIG MISTAKE!  {I thought nursing pads where nursing pads}  The brand I picked up didn’t stay in place well and they weren’t as absorbent.  I know there are tons of other kinds of nursing pads, but I highly recommend the Lansinoh brand!


It’s inevitable…babies NEED clothes!  I mean, who could not absolutely love the cute little outfits they make for kids?!  Not me – just ask my Husband =)  I’ve found that though all brands of clothes are CUTE, the sizing of all the brands differ…drastically!  So, here’s what I’ve noticed in the short 7 weeks we’ve had a child (again, I’m no expert).   

Carter’s brand seems to be the most “true to size”.  Their newborn clothes (that’s as far as we’ve gotten in regards to clothes for our baby) seem to fit Dafney the best.   

Gerber clothes seem to run really small.  Dafney was a very tiny baby, but she could only fit in the Newborn clothes for a short time.    

Circo brand seems to run pretty big.  We have a Newborn sleep-n-play for Dafney and it’s still too big for her.   It’s okay, because she’ll eventually grow into them, but if you have a small baby, don’t count on them fitting into Circo brand clothes right away.   

Cherokee brand also runs pretty big.  I bought a Newborn Christmas outfit for Dafney (just in case she made an early appearance…and she did) and it will probably fit her in 6 months.  Again, these are just my observations…so, take them as you will! 

B.O.B. Stroller

 One of my favorite purchases!  Yes, this stroller is a bit spendy {goodbye college fund...just kidding}, but totally worth every penny!  It strolls so smoothly, has plenty of storage space, is good looking and folds down really nicely.  Though we’ve only had a chance to use the stroller a handful of times, I can already tell it’s going to be awesome!  We love to walk around the neighborhood, so we will get plenty of use out of this stroller.  A definite MUST HAVE!

There is so much you can buy when having a baby and it can be a bit overwhelming, but these have been a few of our favorite items.  Perhaps I’ll do a second edition to this post as Dafney grows up and uses more and more new items!

Well, I'm off to snuggle with my baby girl ♥


  1. What was the brand of nursing pads you got that didn't work? Good to know! I think I registered for the brand that comes with the breast pump - Medella. I didn't know about the heating pad until an earlier post of yours. I'll be adding that to our registry!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!

    1. The nursing pads that I didn't like were the Madella brand, but that's just my opinion...you may love them!