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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Re-Cap

I can hardly believe that 2011 is over and we're already 5 days in to 2012!  Last year was completely amazing and I'm certain that 2012 will blow 2011 out of the water!  I am excited to watch my baby girl grow up :)

Here's a re-cap of 2011:


Kyle and I rung in the New Year just the 2 of us.  It was very laid back and relaxing and completely perfect! 


Not much happened in February for us.  However, I feel like we spent most of our time outside shoveling the copious amounts of snow.  Seriously, I think we had to shovel every freakin' day....not fun!!


In March, 2 of our best friends welcomed their daughter into the world.  It was so much fun meeting the newest addition to their family and it's been fun watching her grow up over the past 9 months. 


One of the most memorable times of my life...we found out we were PREGNANT!  It was an amazing time in our lives; I can remember it like it was yesterday!  It was the beginning of an amazing journey in our lives! 


Each year we participate in a bowling fundraiser to help support ASPS Cancer.  Our friends always put on an amazing event and raise so much money for this cause. 

This was also the month that we told our parents we were expecting!  Just one of the many great memories of our pregnancy journey!


My husband started a new job at Target.  It was a total career change, but I knew he would do an amazing job with this new adventure!

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary!!  Unfortunately, I was still in that feeling "icky" stage of pregnancy so we just went out for breakfast (it was the only meal I could usually "handle") and out for a movie that evening.  Very low-key, but I was with Kyle and that was all that mattered to me! 


The month started off with a nice trip to Hawaii for my brother-in-laws wedding.  It was a fabulous get-away and probably our last big get-away for a while!

Towards the end of the month I was finally starting to feel better and could eat most foods again and didn't feel like sleeping 20 hours out of the day!  


Another big moment on our pregnancy journey...we found out we were having a GIRL!  It was so awesome to see our baby girl on the Ultrasound and to find out we would be having a girl.  It made the whole pregnancy seem that much more real! 


We took a trip to my parents camper up in Mora, MN.  It was a very relaxing weekend and so much fun to get away for the weekend. 

We also did our baby registering and painting the baby's room.  It was a bit overwhelming to register, but we had fun, too!  Painting her room was fun and we really liked the way it turned out!


Kyle had to have knee surgery to repair his ACL.  Thankfully everything went really well and he's on the mend now!  I'm so thankful that he had the surgery when he did...post-baby would have been ROUGH!


The month of baby showers!  I (we) had a shower that my girlfriends threw and one that our families threw for us.  Both were absolutely amazing and we were reminded how blessed we truly are.  We have the very best friends and family!


She's here!  This was the best month of the whole year...our daughter was born on the 13th!  It was the best day of my life...and I'm already amazed at how big she's getting and how much she's changed (tears).  We are loving EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. with her!  We are totally in love!!

I can't believe how amazing this past year was!  Looking forward to all the amazing memories that are coming this year!!

HAPPY 2012!

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