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Monday, March 31, 2014

March Bakin' Friends!

I think I just might start each & every blog post with “I can’t believe it’s already…” so why should this post be any different!?  I can’t believe it’s already the last freakin’ day of MARCH.  I literally feel like I blinked and March was gone.  Seriously. 

With the last day of the month comes Bakin Friends reveal!  This month the secret ingredient was mint!  I chose mint mainly because it’s green which totally reminds me of St. Patty’s Day which happens in MARCH…er, something like that! 

This month, I received some fabulous dark chocolate mint brownies!  Ugh – to die for!  One of my very favorite desserts are brownies, so I was beyond pleasantly surprised when I opened the package to find dark, chocolate-y, minty delicious brownies!!  Catherine over at Kitty's Baking Time sent me these delicious treats…and check out the adorable {green!!} basket she sent the treats in…LOVE!  

Thank-you to Catherine for the amazingly delicious treats!  


Does this sound like something YOU would like to join?  Then email me at leahmarie.mackenzie@gmail.com for all the tasty details by APRIL 4th.  

Happy Monday!

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